November 30, 2021


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Adalberto and Hernane Brocador feel their thighs after a grueling series of Confianca matches | trust

Defender Adalberto has been diagnosed with a muscle cramp, an injury that knocked him out of the match between Confianca and CSA last Friday. The player has been replaced by Luan Bueno.

Adalberto, Convienca defender – Photo: Lucas Almeida / Al Defense Club Al Arabi

The information was released by the press office of Confianca shortly before the match against the Alagoas team. According to the information also provided by the club, the defender felt his thigh in the match against Nautico, in the 35th round of the second division.

The Dragon Medical Department conducted treatment with the player in between matches, as well as tests, but found that the athlete did not recover in time to face CSA.

In addition, striker Hernan Procador felt discomfort in the back of his thigh during the warm-up period for last Friday’s match and had to be replaced by Thiago Reyes.

It’s worth noting that in the past two weeks, Dragão has, on average, only had three days of match-to-match lag in this final stage of competition.

ge contacted Confiança’s press office, and was informed that updates to the players’ chart should be released from Monday.

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