November 27, 2021


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ACNH update: This is how Kofi comes to you – Taubenschlag Café is built

No coffe though ACNH update? We tell you what to do. Source: Nintendo

With the latest major update of Animal Crossing New Horizons On November 5th, an old friend on the island will come to you. We are, of course, talking about the barista pigeon coffee. The ancient warrior really intends to be dove cafe To open. So now you should also be able to enjoy his awesome coffee in Animal Crossing Switch version.

It was rumored early on that Kofi with ACNH . Update Come. Now the update is here… Yes where is coffee Don’t worry you will find it together. And literally, because Kofi will not be on your island right after the update. You have to do some small things for this. But that’s not tragic, I promise.

Eugene is the key

As you’ve already noticed: Eugene is a very good friend of Kofi’s. A tired museum owl is a good starting point if you want to lure Coffey to your island. It tells you some interesting details and directs you to search for Kofi. Eugene’s plan is to attract more visitors to the museum – he would like to open a cafe for that. Who would be better suited for this than a barista coffee? To help, Eugene sends you a message with Kofi’s selfie – it arrives the next day.

Eugene’s plan:

If you don’t want to wait that long, you can of course get started right away. Just go to the jetty and find another old/new guest. Käpten is docked at the jetty and now offers lively boat trips. You should definitely participate. If you’ve already spoken to Eugene, Ancient Sea Turtle will take you straight to a very magical and remote island. Don’t worry – we know that’s how horror movies begin – but nothing will happen to you.

If you make your way through the wild jungle of the island, there is a very good chance that you will meet Kofi somewhere. If you don’t have his picture yet: you can recognize him by his big hat and dove-like appearance. Talk to him and tell him that Eugene has sent you. Then I did everything necessary. Don’t be surprised that Kofi doesn’t leave in a hurry full of anticipation – he’s coming.

ACNH Coffee
You can find coffee on one of the islands where the sailors’ captains take you.

Since you’re on the alien island anyway, grab your shovel and look for the thyroid gland, which is hidden here in a hole in the ground. You will find at least part of it. You can plant it at home and water it well, and a full thyroid will grow out of it.

Part of the thyroid gland acne
Take the thyroid portion with you.

The captain takes you back to your island. There she rushes to the museum again and talks to Eugene. He’s ecstatic to hear that you found Kofi. Now all you have to do is wait, because Eugene explains to you that he now has to rebuild the museum so that Kofi can have his own museum café. This will take an entire day. Then it opens the next day.

acnh cafe dovecote museum renovation
The renovation takes a while – but you can look forward to the Museum Cafe Taubenschlag!

The Taubenschlag Café will later be located on the first floor of the museum, on the left. Hard to miss, just follows the aroma of fresh coffee.

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