September 27, 2023


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A$AP Rocky sued by A$AP Relli for shooting in Los Angeles

A$AP Rocky sued by A$AP Relli for shooting in Los Angeles

on April 20 A $ AP Rocky I was Arrested at Los Angeles International Airport in connection with a previously unreported shooting incident on November 6, 2021. A$AP Relli, former member of the A $AP MobNow, claiming to be the victim of that shooting. They have a lawyer revealed to rolling rock That Relli (real name Terell Ephron) will file a civil case against Rocky.

According to attorneys Jamal Towson and Brian Horowitz, he lured Rocky Riley to a central position in Hollywood on the understanding that they would “discuss their disagreement.” Lawyers claim that Rocky arrived with a semi-automatic pistol. “After arriving on location, a conversation ensued where, without provocation, warning, or any justification, A$AP Rocky produced the pistol and deliberately fired several shots at Mr. Efron.”

Riley’s lawyers claim that he received “multiple death threats and irreparable harm to his career in the entertainment industry as a result of this incident.” Pitchfork reached out to representatives of A$AP Rocky.

According to police reports, the victim – who has not yet been identified as Riley – reportedly told police that Rocky, who was walking with two other people, approached him on the street with a pistol. He was allegedly shot three to four times by Rocky, and one of the bullets is believed to have hit his left hand.

Rocky and Riley were friends in high school. Relli wasn’t himself a rapper, but Rocky was credited with originally bringing him to the group A$AP Yams. Riley is a producer and talent manager.