June 25, 2022


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A vanishing person appears and defeats Melina in the Elden Ring.  Melina is temporarily forced to defeat - automatically

A vanishing person appears and defeats Melina in the Elden Ring. Melina is temporarily forced to defeat – automatically

elden ring]it appears that a player has appeared to defeat the character “Melina” who helps the hero’s journey in key points. Melina, who shouldn’t be able to attack normally, seemed to be able to defeat with some finesse.

“Elden Ring” is an action RPG game by From Software. In this action, the player travels across a vast area, with the goal of becoming a king as the dull person is called. And Melina is one of the important characters to support The Vanishing Journey. As the first finger shrine that accompanies the player, it provides level-up and transport functions. It also guides the player’s journey. However, at work, the timing of meeting Melina is limited only at the beginning. One of those limited opportunities is a blessed conversation.

Melina appears when she takes a break in a certain blessing, giving small talk and soulful to Queen Marica. It can also give you important hints about the game world, making it a good companion for breaks. The basics look like a blessing. Players were also taking a break, so they shouldn’t have been able to attack and defeat them like other NPCs. However, recently, it appears that a bug (bug) has been discovered that can attack Melina while on a break.

It was Mr. Tomato, a local YouTuber, who discovered this problem at an early stage. He is a player who posted a lot of videos related to “Elden Ring”. It is popular because it introduces scams and rumors and delves into them with verification. He posted a video on 5th of June titled “Introducing How to Attack Melina”. The video shows Melina getting damaged while taking a break to get a blessing.

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The technique is to use the “Mist of the Priestess’ Night” magic to “trap” Melina. This magic leaves a fog that causes damage to enemies and NPCs in the air for a while. If you sprinkle the Damage Mist around the area where Melina appears and take a blessed break, you can lure Melina into the Mist. However, even if you place a mist trap, it seems that you can’t do any damage just by contacting Melina normally. There seems to be something else to do. However, as a result of verification, the condition found that “Melina will only be harmed while speaking Marika’s spirit.”

Additionally, on June 9, he used this bug to defeat Melina.Moviepresented in. Here, we developed a method that uses the “Night Priestess Fog” and used a bug that can give abnormal conditions just by getting close to the character. This makes the “trap” more lethal. Melina’s physical strength, not reduced by the mist of the First Shrine of the Night, was steadily dwindling due to abnormal conditions. Melina, steadily transmitting Marika’s soul, lost her strength in the blink of an eye and was exhausted. All that was left was a small golden tree. It is a very sad sight.

However, Melina doesn’t seem to be disappointed on this level. After resting again for the blessing, Melina returns as if nothing had happened. “Do you hear Marika’s soul?” I don’t know if FromSoftware expects this to happen. However, regarding the processing, it seemed that there was no barbarism for the faint person. Melina can be summoned in certain boss battles. In this case, it collapses when HP runs out, but it is interesting to see that a character who can’t normally intervene collapses.

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The video series has been viewed tens of thousands of times, and posts from users who defeated Melina are also getting attention on Twitter. This is inspired by Mr. Tomato’s video and, as a result of trial and error, appears to have come to the point of ousting Melina.

Why do dull people try to defeat Melina? I don’t know. However, Melina has also become an online meme, the “Miri” which just adds “Miri” to the end of it.Melina no gobini Melii wo tukeru MODThere was also one work that attracted attention. As a significant character, the point that makes the standing position in the story seems a bit surreal, including the point that the role is so mediocre, it seems to be a factor in becoming a pure meme.

In any case, it would be unexpected behavior to harm Melina during the break. Please be aware of potential problems when trying to glitch. In addition, Melina gives the player a ghost horse torrent and is a key player on the path to becoming king. I would like you to remember this blessing once in a while and be kind to Melina if possible.

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