November 30, 2023


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A user rents his expensive gaming PC with Nvidia graphics card and doesn’t know how dangerous it is

A user rents his expensive gaming PC with Nvidia graphics card and doesn’t know how dangerous it is

A gamer reports that a user is renting out his apartment with a high-end gaming PC with Nvidia graphics. Society is amazed.

Do you rent out your apartment, including the expensive appliances, to a complete stranger? Without knowing if this person is keen on it? Most will probably shake their heads.

But a player is reporting now on redditHe booked an apartment through Airbnb that was equipped with two powerful gaming computers. Airbnb is an online portal for booking and renting accommodation.

One of the two gaming PCs has an RTX 4090, which alone costs €1,600. The second system “only” has an RTX 2070. In the apartment there is also a 3D printer and HoloLens 2 which are mixed reality glasses.

“Overconfidence in humanity”

How does the community react? So dumbfounded. Because many believe that the anonymous landlord has too much confidence in potential tenants. For example, one of the people with the most votes wrote in the comments, “These people’s faith in humanity is unbelievable.”

  • Others believe that the landlords are wealthy enough “and not have to worry about a bunch of idiots robbing.”
  • Still others say you shouldn’t trust the owner either. After all, the systems owner may have installed keyloggers to spy on sensitive data.

But there are also soothing voices that say: People are all paranoid and immediately see a trap behind every beautiful presentation. Not every tenant will commit theft on the spot and not every landlord will engage in espionage to deceive their customers.

However, everyone agrees on one thing: you definitely wouldn’t offer your gaming PC for rent to a stranger.

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The real hotels have already been discovered by the players

Basically, there are such equipped apartments. For example, live broadcasters or e-sportsmen would like to look for such places so that they can broadcast in peace or prepare for a future tournament.

Are there hotels for players? Yes, there really is. Incidentally, complete gaming systems in hotel rooms are not uncommon. Because even the big companies have already discovered gamers as a mobile target group.

In addition to culture and tourism, the aim is to provide players with the same comfort and performance as in their home offices. But streamers and e-sportsmen are also a common target group for such shows, who like to work out or want to prepare on the go.

One hotel, for example, advertises gaming PCs with RTX 3000 GPUs in each room, and prices start at €70 per night and are surprisingly humane. Now you can find these game hotels not only in China, but also in Japan and the Netherlands. It is very successful and very popular with its customers.

However, the focus of these gaming houses is generally mainly in Asian countries, where most of these hotels are located. The European alternative would be the Hotel Arcade in Amsterdam.

Hotels discover players as a target group, and create a paradise for gamers