December 7, 2023


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A teaser for the latest work in the “Mass Effect” series released in conjunction with the “N7 Days 2023” community event

A teaser for the latest work in the “Mass Effect” series released in conjunction with the “N7 Days 2023” community event

Bioware, a studio affiliated with Electronic Arts,“mass effect”The trailer for the latest part of the series has been released. The video is from the community event of the “Mass Effect” series, which has been held on November 7 every year since 2012.「N7 days 2023」It was unveiled simultaneously with.

“Mass Effect”, the Xbox 360 version of which was released in North America in 2007, is a science fiction RPG set in the future world of 2183, where ultra-light flight has become a reality. Along with a detailed vision of the world Space AllianceMajor ShepherdIt was highly praised as a work that allows you to enjoy an epic space opera with the main character, and its sequel entitled “Mass Effect 2” was released in 2010, followed by “Mass Effect 3” in 2012. In 2017, “Mass Effect: Andromeda”, which depicts a new story, and in 2021 the “Mass Effect Legendary Edition” will be released, a remake of the original trilogy using the latest technology. It is still very popular today.

The production of the latest work in the series was announced in “N7 Days” in December 2020 (related article), and although a short teaser was released, it was kept silent for a long time. In the 2022 film “N7 Days”, a new image of Maryse Raye under construction was finally introduced, it was also announced that development is continuing, and a new trailer was released this year.
However, the details of the game have not been revealed yet, and the work remains mysterious at this stage. Fans seem to claim that the latest trailer features Major Shepard (a female version of the character, whose gender and first name can be changed), but this is actually unknown.

Bioware, founded in Canada in 1995, produces the “Mass Effect” series, in addition to…「Dragon Age」The studio is known for its popular RPG series such as However, the MMORPG was released in 2019.“National anthem”It seems like there hasn’t been a lot of good news lately, with BioWare announcing a major rework, the departure of a key creator from the studio, and announcing the layoffs of about 50 people. In conjunction with the holding of “N7 Days 2023”, the director and executive producer of the “Mass Effect” series.Mike GamblebutOfficial websiteI posted comments on this, so fans should check it out.

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