September 16, 2021


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A resident of Drew makes Snooty, a wooden game that mixes rugby, pétanque and molki

Snoozy, the wooden rugby game. (© Guillaume Jehan)

It all started in April 2021, while Guillaume Jehanne, Director of DIY at Drew (Eure-et-Loir)His brother and best friend are watching a rugby match.

in front of Race 92These unconditional fans of the sport of oval ball got the idea:

What if we created a rugby game like Petanque or Mölkky®? This is where it all started.

Jihan cloudsFounder of Snooty

From prototypes to finished product

Guillaume loves to tinker, and immediately begins to create prototypes. Noun stuck up Comes to him thanks to its meaning in English: cocky and pretentious. The call to the rooster and the French Rugby Federation logo is immediate.

What is holding the 29-year-old is the rules. Having to mix Petanque with Mölkky® while keeping the rugby spirit alive was no easy task for Norman.

We had to keep the rugby rules while simplifying them because they were sometimes too complicated. In the end, through the game we easily find rugby, Mölkky® and pétanque.

Jihan cloudsFounder of Snooty

What are the rules of the game?

The rules are simple: use eight balloonsTwo teams compete in several rounds.

To win, just place the balloons as close to the column as possible. The first team with 20 points wins. There are four principles to rugby, and Treat, the columns, the Tests and the drops.

Experience transformed with their website

In order to introduce her, Director of the Parks Department at Leroy Merlin of Drew (Eure-et-Loir) there”Went to the nerve“.

I liked the Rugby Club and Players pages and stored them on Facebook and then messaged them.

Jihan cloudsFounder of Snooty

Today, stuck up Offered for sale on the platform Ulule and owns Website Since a week.

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It is supported by rugby clubs such as C’Chartres Rugby but also by former players and players such as the former in the fifteenth of France, Emmanol Harinordoki.

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