July 1, 2022


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A popular overseas YouTuber blames dissatisfaction with the "Unity Fault" game and immediately tsukkomi from an expert.  Immediately apologize if the engine is not bad - automatic

A popular overseas YouTuber blames dissatisfaction with the “Unity Fault” game and immediately tsukkomi from an expert. Immediately apologize if the engine is not bad – automatic

YouTuber out, about dissatisfaction with the work of a particular game, a game engine”lonlinessPoint out it was a problem. The game developer immediately got hold of tsukkomi for this note, and the YouTuber quickly apologized.

* View full CG using Unity”enemiesRepresent

Unity is a game engine provided by Unity Technologies in the United States. Along with the Unreal Engine, it is used to create game titles of various scales and genres. Usage examples range from standalone titles like “Inscryption” to large titles like “Genshin”. Apparently he was agonizing over his dissatisfaction with remaking the work with the unit. The action of the remake is “Eat! Super Monkey Ball 1 & 2 Remake”. This work is a complete reproduction of the three titles “Super Monkey Ball”, “Super Monkey Ball 2”, and “Super Monkey Ball Deluxe”, and was developed with Unity.

This is “Eating! Overseas YouTuber Scott Wozniak made a statement about the “Super Monkey Ball 1 & 2 Remake.” Mr. Wozniak is someone who deals with the topic of Nintendo-centric games and is best known for his lighthearted talk videos. On June 8th , posted a video about the 5th anniversary of the release of the Nintendo Switch. He talks about the many works that were launched on board for two hours. Among them, “Every! They were “Super Monkey Ball 1 & 2 Remake”.

“Eat! Super Monkey Ball 1 & 2 Remake”

He said: All! When we got into the topic of “Super Monkey Ball 1 & 2 Remake”, we briefly explained the outline of the game. However, he appears to be dissatisfied with the workmanship, although he says it is “well produced”. “This game uses the default Unity Engine,” he said, and began explaining why. Suddenly I started talking about loneliness.

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Apparently, Wozniak argues, “The gameplay feels weird because it uses the Unity Engine.” It presages that the unit is a powerful engine. However, he commented that it was not suitable for the purpose of reproducing the original version of the gameplay. Also, I suspect the reason the unit was adopted is that it is cheap and easy to handle. He claims that “the nature of the unit is the cause of the inconvenience in operation”. Additionally, while the work itself is a good game, he made a negative comment on Unity saying, “It handled the engine limitations well.” In short, Wozniak commented that “the unit made the gameplay worse” based on my personal opinion that “the unit is cheap and easy to develop, so its features are not good”. he is.

* Relevant recent portion of approximately 1 hour, 27 minutes, 11 seconds of the video

However, this note was received by Tsukkomi immediately after the video was released. Certainly, “All! Regarding the “Super Monkey Ball 1 & 2 Remake,” there is an opinion in Steam user reviews that “the operability seems strange compared to the original version.” However, it is unreasonable to ask the unit to be the reason. In his statements, Wozniak did not mention the reasons for technical analysis.In other words, I seem to blame loneliness on the basis of my personal impression.

There are many game engines other than Unity, and each has its own specialty. However, the implementation of operations in the unit can be modified and assigned in a very wide range. The feeling of operation mainly depends on the design and modification of the developer. The same is true for the special operability of “Rolling Balls Using Physics” in the “Monkey Ball” series. Technically, it should be possible to reproduce the operating feel of the original version with the unit, and even if there is a change, it will be a judgment in the direction of development. “Because it’s the unit, operability has deteriorated” is a somewhat short-circuited idea.

On Mr. Wozniak’s note, there was someone who immediately put tsukkomi. Kenny Flugels. Although not involved in this business, he is also a game developer and runs a free game asset distribution site “Kenney”. Twitter has more than 60 thousand followers and has a certain influence as the one who supports many game developers. Kenny promptly snatched a series of problem statements on the day Wozniak’s video was posted. I am at a loss to post a quote on my Twitter account. It was difficult for anyone involved in the development of the game to understand the notes that made Unity guilty in the absence of reasons.

Kenney’s tweet received a lot of comments with replies and over 300 quoted RTs. Most of the criticism from game developers to Mr. Wozniak is clear, and there are also opinions such as “a bad impression of Unity may have a negative impact on developers using Unity.” On the other hand, some people agree with Mr. Wozniak, such as “Unity has technical limitations” and “I think loneliness is not suitable for business”. However, no one has offered a concrete justification, and this has been discussed by Kenny and the other developers. Like Wozniak, users will have the ambiguous bias that “unity is not good”. On the other hand, Wozniak’s remarks seem unacceptable to those who understand game development.

However, Mr. Wozniak immediately apologized for his remarks. He commented in the comments section of this video that it was a “very stupid statement”. I apologize “at least in terms of operability, the unit wasn’t bad”. Wozniak also posted an apology in response to Kenny’s tweet. “When I thought about why the game felt so weird, I used loneliness as the reason,” he said.

Module is a fee model in which the license fee changes according to the user’s annual sales, and it is easy to enter in terms of cost. In addition, many indie games that use Unity have been released day and night, and the quality also blends in with the rocks. In this regard, there may be a bias that “business using the unit is of low quality”. Wozniak may have criticized Unity without thinking deeply about that impression. This series of events was an example of how to get a solid rationale when talking about the game publicly, especially in critical contexts. It is a lesson we journalists must not forget.