July 1, 2022


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A personal developer reports that "sales of the Nintendo Switch version helped me a lot".  During late automatic development

A personal developer reports that “sales of the Nintendo Switch version helped me a lot”. During late automatic development

Indie game developer Hikari Ki reports that the Nintendo Switch version of her “Magic Potion Millionaire” game has “sold out amazingly”. Judging by the details, it seems that Mr. Key’s latest work has been of great help to her Nintendo Switch and Nintendo.

Magic Potion Millionaire is a 2D action game with roguelike elements. It is a side-scrolling action game where players collect items in dungeons and make and sell medicines. The terrain of the dungeon is randomly configured, and various enemies are waiting. Use melee attacks, a variety of shots, and magical medicine to capture. The question is how do you make good money.

Hikari Ki worked on games like “Magic Potion Explorer” and “Magic Potion Destroyer” that combine cute pixel art and a unique system. This work is also unique in its example. And now, the first Nintendo Switch version of the “Magic Potion” series has also been released. The Steam version was released in December 2020, and the Nintendo Switch version was a little vacant in November 2021, but sales on the Nintendo Switch looked pretty good.

First of all, when I asked about the sales of the Steam version, it was “sales that can keep making games if I occasionally work part-time”. On the other hand, sales of the Nintendo Switch version were about 10 times different than Steam in the first move. Also, one month after its launch, sales were comparable to the developer’s total sales over the past three years. In addition, sales have not decreased after the release, and they seem to be selling little by little in the long run.

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Also, with the good sales of the Nintendo Switch version, it is now possible to focus on producing the next work with confidence for the time being. Mr. Key doesn’t seem to be good at multitasking. On the days when he couldn’t focus on development, the business wasn’t going well. He also commented that by being able to focus on development, it might be possible to create the next work relatively early.

* After the Nintendo Switch release of Magic Potion Millionaire, Mr. Ki’s Buncho Poo died. He’s a bird who became a archetype for the enemy in the game, and is said to have spent time together while working as a game developer. He did his best even after he fell ill, and passed away shortly after the release of the Nintendo Switch version, so he thinks he might be doing his best to figure out the future of work.

In addition to the sales of the Nintendo Switch edition, Mr. Ki is grateful to Nintendo. Nintendo employees called him when he was showing at a game event. At the time, he felt that Nintendo was looking for a relationship with an individual developer, so he took the initiative and conducted an investigation for the Nintendo Switch version. It was a query for a release without a publisher, but despite having a review, it seems that the single partner was also kindly and politely communicating and supporting until the release. I seem to have felt the depth of Nintendo’s embrace in this regard.

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The work is sold on platforms like DLsite and BOOTH as well as PC, but Steam still seems to be going strong. On the other hand, Mr. Key thanked each sales platform for the indebtedness of each company.

When asked about the factors behind the success of the Nintendo Switch release, he mentioned that he first issued a press release and appeared in the media. Instead of asking the seller, study hard and create a press release in a different way. By sending out a powerful statement, he remembers that it was something important to be shown in mainstream media that had not been published before.

It also mentions the good compatibility between the Nintendo Switch and this work. Since it is a pixel art game in low resolution, it appears to be compatible with the Nintendo Switch since the time of development, and the screen resolution is used in the Nintendo Switch.[1280×720, 1920×1080]Integer multiples[320×180]modified for. Personally, I remember this was the correct answer.

In any case, Mr. Key appears to be very grateful for the sales of the Nintendo Switch edition and Nintendo’s response. The number of titles issued on the Nintendo Online Store is increasing. There are many competitors. However, the pie is still big, and even if it’s a personally developed game, it’s once again proven that there is an opportunity. It is also interesting that it significantly bypassed Steam during its late multi-platform deployment.

Mr. Key is developing the action game “Magic Potion Liberators” as his next work. Although some supported platforms are still being studied, Steam and Nintendo Switch will not be removed. Follow his studio account on Twitter and wait for the next release.

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“Magic Potion Millionaire” is a PC (steam/DLsite/BOOTH/itch.io)/Nintendo SwitchNow for sale at. “Magic Potion Liberators” is currently in development with the goal of releasing Steam and Nintendo Switch.