November 30, 2021


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A new type of Pokemon has been introduced into the game

Nintendo tried some teasers that went unnoticed and finally decided to reveal the full trailer, introducing two new Pokémon and the never-before-seen double type. Not revolutionary, the announcement still has the elegance of formalizing what we all thought: Pokémon Legends Arceus will have new mechanics that will make the Switch game an important title!

Pokémon: Switch Game ‘Legends Arceus’ Introduces New Dual Genre

There will only be 400 Pokémon in the Switch game’s “Pokédex,” an encyclopedia that you’ll be responsible for completing by walking around the game… Who is the It won’t be an open world, Furthermore it. Of these 400 monsters, two were introduced by Nintendo, simultaneously dubbing a brand new dual genre in Pokémon games!

they are young Zorua and Zoroark in the form of Hisui Which we see in the trailer, two new ones have been added with a regular/phantom double type. The first in over 25 years!

In the game, this combo will be insane: three immunity to one weakness (darkness). Finally a good surprise, after, after Some bad buzz for the Nintendo Switch !

What are the gameplay mechanics to take advantage of this dual genre?

Unlike the Zorua and Zoroark versions we’ve seen in Pokémon Black/White, these versions thus bring a new duality genre and gameplay mechanics to take advantage of.

at this moment, Nintendo kept a low profile Game Features. Can we capture these two monsters and confront the other trainers with them? Or are we going to have to do something like Pokémon SNAP and just take pictures of them? Suddenly, the odds of playing this dual genre are hard to imagine.

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However, players announce that a repetition of the animated shadow effect will be a huge plus for the Switch. While we wait for the video game’s release on January 28, 2022, we can’t help but guess!