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A new line of gaming mice from Razer: the wireless Cobra Pro and affordable Cobra mice

A new line of gaming mice from Razer: the wireless Cobra Pro and affordable Cobra mice

scanner Launched a new range of gaming mice – Cobra Prowireless mouse, and the wired version of Cobra.

the main points:

  • Razer has launched a new gaming mouse series with the wireless Cobra Pro and the budget-friendly Cobra
  • Symmetrically designed cobra rats are ideal for a finger or claw grip
  • Cobra Pro is packed with advanced technology and customization options
  • The affordable Cobra delivers solid performance despite its light weight.

Cobra Pro: Sophisticated and Powerful

The highlight of this new series is without a doubt wireless cobra. Packed with Razer’s HyperSpeed ​​wireless technology, Chroma RGB lighting, and a customizable bottom light, the Cobra Pro is every gamer’s dream. On top of that, it’s equipped with Razer’s Focus Pro 30K optical sensor and 1,000Hz sampling rate, which can be expanded up to 4,000Hz when an additional dongle is used.

The Cobra Pro has ten programmable inputs and can store up to five fit profiles. This allows you to customize your settings according to different gaming needs.

Long-lasting battery performance and wireless charging capability

Another plus is the Cobra Pro’s impressive battery life. With a 2.4GHz connection, charging lasts up to 100 hours and up to 170 hours via Bluetooth. Wireless charging is possible with the Razer Wireless Charger or with the Mouse Dock Pro, available separately. Despite all the features and performance, the Cobra Pro weighs only 77 grams.

The budget wired cobra

But also wired Cobra It has a lot to offer. It features eight programmable inputs and an 8500 DPI optical sensor with a polling rate of 1000 Hz. So Cobra enables powerful responsiveness for all games.

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Although RGB lighting is limited to the mouse’s comfort zone, it still gives this model a stylish look. With a weight of only 58 grams.

Conclusion: Razer’s new gaming mice hit the mark

With the launch of the new gaming mouse range scanner Effectively covers both premium and budget range. Advanced technology, attractive design and high performance of Cobra Pro It will appeal to avid gamers. At the same time wired Cobra A powerful, budget-friendly entry-level model for casual gamers or those who want to experiment with a gaming mouse.

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