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A member of the Transfer Jet Association conducts field experiments with …

TransferGate Consortium

TOKYO, April 10 /PRNewswire/

– Touch and get a 2-hour movie in 2 seconds –

In November 2022, a field trial of a high-speed content distribution service was conducted on several subway stations by HRCP Research and Development Partnership (hereinafter “HRCP R&D”), a member of the Tokyo-based TransferJet consortium (hereinafter referred to as hereinafter referred to as “TJC”) train stations in New Delhi, India. The service allows users to download movies and games at extremely fast speeds simply by touching the devices being used.

Logo: https://kyodonewsprwire.jp/prwfile/release/M107196/202211290518/_prw_PI1fl_gLth0U1I.jpg

Experience overview:

With a dongle installed in the TransferJet X connected to an Android smartphone, participants can select their favorite content in an app developed by HRCP R&D. By touching a touch point (transmitter) on a station, the selected content, for example a two-hour HD movie, is transmitted in two seconds. The content is protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM). HRCP R&D develops TransferJet X (System on a Chip) SoC https://www.hrcp.jp/ar ).

picture: https://kyodonewsprwire.jp/prwfile/release/M107196/202211290518/_prw_PI2fl_85iBC3Od.jpg

TransferJet X specification summary: https://www.transferjet.org/tj/tj_spec.html

TJC led a team at IEEE that successfully developed the amendment to the IEEE 802.15.3e standard and a group in the ITU Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R) that successfully developed the M.2003-2 standard as a Recommendation. Based on both standards, TJC published the technical standard for TransferJet X with radio in the millimeter wave band of 60 GHz in May 2022. This standard enabled faster data transfer speeds of up to 13.1 Gbps while maintaining ease of use and transmission of extremely high-volume content such as video 4K or VR. In addition, the time to establish a connection has been reduced to 2ms or less, enabling new usage scenarios such as b. Content delivery when passing through the ticket gate.

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About TransferJet Consortium Incorporated ( http://www.transferjet.org) that

The TransferJet Consortium was formed in 2008 to develop TransferJet wireless products and services. In 2011 the consortium was transformed into a registered association. It focuses on the development of specifications, compliance testing procedures and tools, and marketing activities.

* TransferJet and associated logos are licensed by the TransferJet Consortium.

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