May 26, 2022


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A hacker group allegedly leaked the source code; Bing Maps, Bing, and Cortana are affected

A hacker group that has stolen and published data from Nvidia and Samsung in the past now claims to have stolen and distributed the source code of Bing, Bing Maps and Cortana from Microsoft. The group known as Lapsus$, which is believed to operate from South Africa, announced on its Telegram channel on Monday.
The group released a screenshot purporting to show the source code of Microsoft products, claiming that it gained access to those products by hacking into their Azure DevOps server. The screenshot was later deleted by the group with the message “I’ll explain later”. On the other hand, the supposed source code is still available. According to the $Lapsus leak, it contains 90% of the code from Bing Maps and 45% from Bing and Cortana.

A cybersecurity expert from Emsisoft Project winDue to the fact that Microsoft does not deny the leak and because of the previous victims of the group, the possibility of theft of the source code is considered quite reasonable. Both Nvidia and Samsung confirmed the group’s attacks. “We are aware that the group has stolen employee data and some information about Nvidia products and has begun posting it online,” Nvidia said on March 1. According to the tech company, the data included the graphics card design, DLSS source code and AI rendering system. According to experts (via wired) Lapsus$’ motives are unclear.

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