September 28, 2022


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A digital twin of Kabuki actor Shido Nakamura created using other NTTV technology in Chu Kabuki 2022 powered by NTT

Tokyo –

NTT Corporation (Chairman: Akira Shimada, “NTT”) and Shochiku Co., Ltd. (Chairman and CEO: Junichi Sakamoto) Announced “Cho Kabuki 2022 Powered by NTT” sponsored by Shochiku; In the first chapter, the digital twin Shido Nakamura “Shido Twin” appears. The debut of the Shido Twin shows the research and development of NTT for a computer that reproduces humans as digital twins and is the first step in the social application of this new technology. We hope you will come and witness the birth of Shido Nakamura cloned as the digital twin.

Shido Twin is developed in cooperation with Shochiku Co., Ltd. Independently develops and reproduces the gestures of Shido Nakamura, who plays the main role in Cho-kabuki, using Another Me’s proprietary body motion generation technology.

I else is a technology derived from the concept of dual digital computing1 I got out of NTT. With another I want to enable individuals to create an “alternative self” in the digital space. This greatly increases the chances of thriving and growing by overcoming the limitations of the real world, playing an active role in society, and sharing the results of their own experiences with others.

“Cho Kabuki” was produced by Shochiku Co., Ltd. Since 2016. Dwango Co., Ltd. It was co-produced and held annually as part of the Niconico Chokaigi Festival. Cho Kabuki is an all-new kabuki experience that combines kabuki – the 400-year-old traditional Japanese theater form – and cutting-edge ICT technology from NTT. This year’s performance features the latest ICT technologies, including “Kerari!” From the Phone Store.2 NTT, and the experience has gained recognition for expanding the possibilities of theatre.

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“Super Kabuki 2022 Powered by NTT” performance schedule.

“NTT developed the song “Shido Twin”, which learns my speech and my habits of acting and pointing like me, and will debut in Chu Kabuki performance starting tomorrow. I believe this advanced technology will increase the possibilities of Chu Kabuki production. We will do our best to allow our customers to enjoy Chu Kabuki. Kabuki again.” Shido Nakamura

This is how the “I am the other” technique works

I Another is a body motion generation technology that learns a person’s personality from audio and video data and automatically generates human movements in response to a person’s speech. To reproduce a wide range of movements that capture even the most subtle of a person’s habits, our NTT researchers have incorporated a deep learning technique called Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) that creates a model that generates verbs from speech. We have achieved the world’s highest achievement in capturing a person’s character and nature.

NTT has also developed a modern speech synthesis technology, which allows the unique articulation of sound, such as b. Individual tone of voice and individual intonation, to learn from a small sample of the language. We were able to reproduce Shido Nakamura’s signature tone and emotional language through a short recording of his voice. We will also try to reproduce his dynamic movements and gestures.

We hope you will look forward to the future research and development of Other Me technology and new Shido Twin technology. You can read the full Shido Twin report here.

1 What is dual digital computing? ( (Japanese)

2 Phone shop: NTT’s “stage name” was created by Cho Kabuki fans

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