August 15, 2022


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A computer in the toilet: the hobbyist shows an unusual gaming system

From Norman Wittkoff
There are many mods for unusual computer cases, but one well-known YouTube channel may have installed a gaming computer in a toilet tank for the first time.

A computer in the office, a PC in an aquarium, or a PC in a Thor’s hammer: I’ve seen all of this somewhere over the years. The YouTube channel “Basically Homeless” has taken up this topic in the past with a computer in the fridge or a PC in the toaster, among other things, and has now made the latest build of the unusual type.

The fact that it all comes with a wink is probably obvious, however it is of course an implementation worth watching, as the tank was first transformed with a viewing window and a watertight separation inside so the device doesn’t get wet. And of course LED lighting should not be missing, as well as a fan for waste heat, while water cooling was not used.

In addition to feasibility and enjoyment, the stated goal was to accommodate a system that could run Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and run it on the toilet: among other things, Geforce RTX 3060 and Intel Core i7 were used for this – 12700 were installed, while the 240 Hz screen installed on the The wall outputs the image.

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As the video shows, there were also hitches, such as an unexpected leak that could eventually be fixed with a sealant instead of the new design. In the video description, the hobbyist sums up his project as follows: “I know more about plumbing than I ever thought. I also don’t have to stop playing, I can just sit and do the potty while playing.” An overview of the installed devices is also available at chest.

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