September 24, 2021


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A computer for image processing, video editing and gaming – please take a look at it.

1. Do you want to play on PC?

  • What exactly are games? … eg Diablo 2 Resurrected, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Far Cry 5, current AAA titles in general
  • Which Precision? 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160)
  • Ultra/high/medium/low graphics settings? It doesn’t have to be the highest
  • 30 FPS Or should it be 60 or even 144 fps? 30 Best 60

2. Would you like to use your computer to edit photos/music/videos or CAD? As a hobby or are you a professional? What software will you use?

I call myself an ambitious hobbyist.
My current main apps are Lightroom and Photoshop in the subscription version as well as Luminar AI.
Video editing, for example with Davinci Resolve, will be added in the future.

3. Do you have any special requirements or wishes (overclocking, a particularly quiet PC, RGB lighting, …)?
I will try simple overclocking, but without ambitions to set records.
A PC shouldn’t be annoying even under full load, but there are no logs here either.
RGB is nice too, but should be able to turn it off.

4. How many screens do you want to use? Number, Model, Resolution, Refresh Rate (Hertz)? Do you support FreeSync (AMD) or G-Sync (Nvidia)? (Please link to the manufacturer or compare prices!)
UHD, 32-inch 60Hz, Adaptive Sync, AMD FreeSync –
In addition, the FHD is connected as a second monitor.

5. Do you still have an old computer, some of its components can still be used? (Please with links to specifications from the manufacturer or compare prices!)

  • Graphics Card: …Given the current situation, I’ll first see how far I can go with my old GTX 980, or else it has to be a brand new PC.
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6. How much money do you want to spend?

There is no hard limit, but no waste of money either.

7. When do you want to buy the computer? Immediately if possible or can you wait a few more weeks/months?
Immediately, in fact. But if necessary, I can wait another 1-2 months.

8. Would you like to assemble the computer yourself or assemble it (by the store or by volunteers)?
Build yourself.

Like I said, photo editing is currently the most important app for me. Video editing will follow.
The theme of games has been falling asleep to me in recent years and it’s kind of secondary. However, I will also use PC to play. D2R is always set. When I will buy a new graphics card I will decide later.

Here is the configuration that I assembled on the basis of the gaming computer up to 1500 euros:

Please have a look at them. What else could be changed/improved?