December 6, 2021


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A BOLA – «I don’t know who are the smartest who organize the calendar» (Brazil)

Abel Ferreira assumes that the fact that the team had two days of rest between the last three games had an impact on the results. The victory over Sport Recife was the third consecutive Brazil streak that comes after five games without winning the tournament.

“That’s what modern football is about: intensity, verticality, playing forward, shooting 36 times. Now, for that to happen, the team needs time to rest. That’s what happened. We played with Bahia and had two rest days, then Bragantino and two days for Sierra “, He said at the end of the meeting, leaving criticism to those who set the calendar:

“I don’t know who the smart ones are. As Zagallo says, while I’m here, they’ll have to swallow me.”

He insisted, “Today the team played with this rhythm only because we fought a big battle to postpone the match. We were going to play against Ciara, fly in and play here two days later. This is a no-brainer, whoever they are. We have to sit down the coaches, the players and the television who are organizing the competition… If you want the matches hard, you have to rest.”

“FIFA is very clear. It says that, at least, we should have 72 hours of rest. But here they think that the more you play, the better. I think otherwise”, he concluded.

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