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A Belgian finds a very rare Pokemon card and refuses to pay it for $ 415,000

A Belgian finds a very rare Pokemon card and refuses to pay it for $ 415,000

What would you have done in his place? A Pokemon card collector turned down an offer of 15,415,000 for a very rare card.

We can say that this Belgium won the jackpot. Yves Bruinen, an expert collector of Pokemon cards, bought a package of 200 from a Dutchman on Facebook. To sell it he did not unpack it, as it were, very easily. He finally decides to open the package, and in November 2020, “try my luck”, he confirms ours Colleagues from 7sur7.be This has taken him well since he saw Sarisart: a favorite card of collectors!

Yves accidentally discovered a rare Pokemon card: “I have already refused to pay 5 415,000. This is not enough ” https://t.co/1W8gKTypTv

– djmimifr (jdjmimifr) April 16, 2021

Contradictions continue to mount!

Lucky Belgium sends it to PSA, a leading organization in the evaluation of Pokemon cards, which gives him 10/10. Its property: It is incapable of sinning. Estimated value :, 000 200,000. But in the space of a few months, the Belgian media reports that the rating of Pokemon cards has increased. According to Cnews, the same card – there are only 2,000 in the world – sells for 6,506,000 or 3,423,000.

Yves, a Belgian collector, received a 360 360,000 or $ 415,000 offer, but he did not account for it. He is betting that the odds will continue to rise and that he will be able to sell more of his treasury by the end of this year. They had 65 million collectors worldwide against 10 million five years ago.

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Pokemon is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Descendants and other surprises should mark this year.