October 24, 2021


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8 Legendary Bad Game Dialogues

Dialogue in video games rarely deserves an Oscar. But some are particularly bad. Image source: Getty Images/master1305″

When video game characters aren’t blowing up buildings or dueling swords, they sometimes talk to each other. However, in some games, the developers don’t seem to have paid much attention to what their creations say.

We show you the worst gaming dialogues

Speech is silver and silence is gold. We asked you on Facebook which game characters are best to follow this advice and keep their mouths shut in time. In this series of images, we now show you eight examples of Legendary Bad Dialogues in video games.

Bad dialogue doesn’t have to mean, The whole game is unusable. Oftentimes perhaps the most important thing to developers is that the character looks especially cool. In other cases, the game may have a very good story, but the adage does not fit the current situation.

8 Legendary Bad Game Dialogues
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We asked you about really bad game dialogues You have to roll your eyes. Then we transformed your answers into a series of images. Bad dialogue doesn’t have to mean bad game.

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