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"4×04 Discover - Anything Is Possible" - TrekZone Network

“4×04 Discover – Anything Is Possible” – TrekZone Network

The fourth episode of Discovery Now leaves the big season theme behind once again. In our review we will see if it works well or not. But be careful spoilers.

Each “good” episode of Discovery seems to be followed by a slightly weaker one, at least if you look at the evolution in the current season. Where: Actually, the episode isn’t that bad, because some of the cruise moments really shine through in some places. But it falters a bit in the somewhat general plot.

Just like last week, there were three mainstream events this time around as well.

Consultant at Sp

Let’s start with the smallest subplot, and this is Culber’s treatment of Booker. The Doctor really thrived last season and stood by the crew with good advice, and now that’s constantly being expanded. Not only does he help Tilly again with a short scene in the beginning, but he also helps Poker.

In doing so, he uses classic advisor scenarios that would have served Troi well. Where I just noticed with Colber that his character has progressed. The former supporting actor became a member of the main crew, without which it is no longer possible. This is also revealed in the end when Booker asks him if he’d like to speak as well. Somehow you get the impression that the friendship between them is going better than the friendship between Stamets and Booker, and they had at least two episodes of time.

Where the book is considered the most weak point of the constellation. Sure, losing an entire planet is painful, but last week it seemed like it was on the mend, only to fall back on it with a few quick sentences at first. As mentioned, this may be fitting in a certain way, but this is already the third episode where Booker and his shocks really come to the fore, so I was hoping for a change on that front.

Kolber is doing well as a new consultant. (Discovery 4×04, CBS/Paramount)

Despite the quality of the scenes, there are still plenty of other crew members who deserve a little more space.

Old-fashioned training academy

The second story concerns Tilly, who, along with Adira, is searching for a new meaning in her life or the rank of lieutenant. At first she almost held back (like last week) in her first season manners, but her attitude quickly took hold and she confidently sets the tone in the team. But one by one.

First of all, Adira must also accompany Tilly, as Dai is also unsure. The scene with Gray stays pleasantly short, although you have to ask yourself who gave Ian Alexander this new how. Hopefully this isn’t an indication that he wants to make a gender change for women anytime soon. Well, as readers of my comments, you probably know that I’m not a fan of Gray, but other than that, I find this hairstyle awful and inappropriate. But let’s see where the trend goes.

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Even more fitting is David Cronenberg’s guest appearance as Kovich, which also explains why there was such a hostile reaction to the Discovery folks at the time. This, and that he then gives Tilly crucial advice for her career, is compelling and makes the scenes a hit.

The flight in the shuttle in the form of a saucer is less successful. (Really now? I know they want to show off a new design here, but I somehow prefer the classic shuttle vehicles. Personally, I don’t like the round stuff.) In my opinion, the journey fails because it is clear from the start that something will happen and how it will end. How many times have we had a similar scenario in the Trek series? Unfortunately, I can no longer count on it and so the shuttle crashed here on an icy moon. By the way, the surroundings are strikingly reminiscent of the second episode of the third season, presumably the film was shot in the same location.

For seasoned viewers, it is not surprising that the only highest-ranking officer (pilot) dies and the cadets have to work together. And then in the end, it’s pretty clear that they will grow together and everything will work out. So this story is not surprising and highly predictable. But one has to admit that in the end it will be fun to watch the team get away. Another plus point: It has been considered to address whether it is not a comprehensive scenario. It even crossed my mind for a moment.

The real name of the pilot? So your you understand? Thanks to serial junkies for this discovery! (Discovery 4×04, CBS/Paramount)

You also learn the background from the cadets – this is how it should be if you introduce secondary characters with whom you must delight emotionally. Good signs were drawn last season. For example, Cadet’s father Orion worked on the peace treaty of the Emerald Chain. (It’s quickly outdated or just a hoax, so why does it work at all? But well, that’s the snow from season three.) So not only cadets grow together, but also Tilly and Adera.

As mentioned, Tilly in particular shines here as a leader and it turns out that she’s actually quite a good fit as a student coach – something that will be important in the end, but we’ll get to that later. Moreover, the mission on the moon is not entirely without flaws. You could argue about Adira’s snow scene, since you’ve certainly seen better, and the previously reported “1,000 monsters” suddenly shrinking to just two, might be due to budget – or the authors’ negligence. Kurtzman has had ice monsters since the first Kelvin movie.

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And that Armstrong is instantly within range of the beam after you hit it, is one of those very apt coincidences, without which the script doesn’t work. In general, the cadet sequence is very strong, but it was better to see.

Students on Ice (Discovery 4×04, CBS/Paramount)

Fedxit – or Ni’Vxit?

The third line of action in the league is the new accession negotiations for Navarre. Here Chief Rilak asks Saroo and Burnham for help. Just shut up and say nothing. Here, too, the inclined connoisseur of Discovery will already know: Burnham and shut up? – No way! This is what happens.

Where one can finally understand Burnham’s point: the president should have played open cards from the start. Because what if Burnham really shut up (what?)? From the somewhat more hostile attitude Rilak showed towards Burnham in the first episode, nothing could be felt any longer. Some may again interpret this as a sign of the great Burnham, but to me it seems President Burnham is trying to test it.

The question arises for what purpose. Because in fact she has already ruled out something else categorically and has already achieved everything she wanted. She’s a captain, so where should her flight go? Or she will be the new Vice President with the option to use the spaceship, as you predicted in Episode 1. The closeness between the two characters seems to at least point in a direction and it will be interesting to see where the path will lead. The fact that Relac gives a lot of space in each episode can definitely be considered a positive. She is also the first female president to have such a large presence on the Trek series.

Saroo and Burnham in action on Navarre (Discovery 4×04, CBS/Paramount)

But back to politics. Normally I’m a fan of political thrillers, but as with the Shuttle episode, it soon becomes clear to the viewer that joining in somehow will work. As with cadets, that takes away a lot of stress. Or does anyone have any doubts that Navarre will not join again? As a former founding scientist, this is a clear indication of the galaxy one way or another.

Where one can understand the desire for the exit clause and thus the other side as well. Because, as with Brexit, exit should not be too easy to catch up. Otherwise, future partners can simply enjoy the benefits and leave immediately. The solution presented at the end fits here by all means.

In addition to the political drama, Saroo and President Terina are close to each other. Here there is a conversation in the good Trek tradition, as the two clarify their views and approach each other. As an added bonus point, you also get a view of the new volcano here. In general, this episode is increasingly set in a bright environment. In Ni’Var all the scenes have a reddish touch (Vulkan matches), while in Ice World you also move logically in broad daylight. The only dark scenes in this episode are those from Culber’s counseling sessions, and Discovery clearly works just fine. Let’s see what the crack is in the upcoming episodes.

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Burnham also inquired about Giviny’s fate. Personally I would have left it in the dark that she would have to do penal meditations and then make adjustments, but that fits Vulcan.

Goodbye without tears

Finally in this episode we see Mary Wiseman farewell as Tilly. As mentioned earlier, it’s totally fitting that she’s grown into her role as a coach and wants to take on that role. Thus, the subsequent conversation with Burnham seems due and not, as before at Discovery, for an ad hoc solution. You learned here and built your departure well.

Goodbye Tele (4×04 Discovery, CBS/Paramount)

However, you must say that this is another season in which a celebrity is being fired. At the start of Season 3, Nahan (who was actually promoted to the main cast by the supporting actor, only to disappear again after a few episodes) is also injured. To this day, it is not known exactly why Nahan (or her actress), there have been rumors about an alleged pregnancy with Wiseman (apparently only rumors). Did the authors want to show us that change is part of life? Or just reduce the size of the Discovery cast a bit? It’s questionable whether we’ll ever find out — or whether Tilly will ever come back.

It’s still a bit of a shame, though, because he’s also Tele now. After all, farewell is carried out here as it should. Not very tearful (it tends to flow from the audience), but for a brief and painless time, everyone is hugged again and then it’s all over. As a small bow for “Enterprise,” the Adira receives a snowball with the NX-01. This is how to do it properly.


An additional half star is awarded for an aptly executed farewell. Otherwise, the ring may not be loud, but mostly strong. However, it suffers greatly from the predictability of individual stories. But you are rewarded with some beautiful scenes in terms of character, like Counselor Culber’s lessons or Saroo and Trina in Navarre.

classification 4 out of 6 stars (4/6)

Episode info

the ring 46 (season 4, episode 4)
original title everything is possible
German title everything is possible
First broadcast in the United States Thursday 9 December 2021
The first broadcast in Germany Friday December 10 2021
script Alan McIlroy, Eric J. Robbins
Director John Ottman
Duration 54 minutes

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