June 28, 2022


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40 mods that transform the game into the Elden Ring

40 mods that transform the game into the Elden Ring

from bald Julius
AsianHalfSquat posted on YouTube a video showing how he turned Minecraft into the Elden Ring with 40 mods as honestly as possible. Both gameplay and visuals changes come into play. The video now has nearly a million views.

Elden Ring is still a show on everyone’s lips several weeks after the original release and is very popular. So it’s no surprise that society has come up with the craziest ideas about RPG. The latest release comes from YouTube’s “AsianHalfSquat,” who released a video that actually shows a completely different game. With a few tricks, he wants to succeed in the complete transformation.

Minecraft: This is what the Elden Ring could look like in block optics

The video is about how to play the block game Minecraft in Elden Ring can turn. A total of 40 mods are used by different authors to simulate the role-playing game in the program. Particularly striking is the combat system, reminiscent of Elden Ring, for example, the implementation of the role and improved block mechanics in the game. The appearance has also changed compared to the original Minecraft.

In addition, there are battles with bosses and even a few dungeons. But if you are now hoping to be able to do without buying an Elden ring, you may be disappointed. Mods don’t convey the feel of a role-playing game perfectly. However, it is surprising what the community has brought together. “AsianHalfSquat” has bundled mods into one package so viewers can download and install all mods at once.

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source: Youtube