September 16, 2021


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3 new rangefinders from Nikon – Golf Planete

Nikon Corporation has announced the release of three new range-finding tools for golfers. Stable, it will allow you during your training sessions to compensate for the unevenness.

The Japanese brand Nikon, known for its cameras, has launched three new laser rangefinders: COOLSHOT PROII is installed, The COOLSHOT LITE is installed and the cool 50i. Designed for golf enthusiasts, it incorporates new technology that delivers stable vision and uncompromising quality through premium Nikon optics.

The COOLSHOT PROII is installed It is the most complete Nikon laser rangefinder and can measure up to 450 metres. It has a powerful vibration reduction system that can reduce image shakes due to hand movements by about 80%. its technology DOUBLE LOCK ON ECHO Informs the distance to the flag has been measured and helps accurately target the flag.

On mountainous terrain, technology ID Calculates the slopes and displays the actual offset distance markers that help in calculating the ball stroke distance. When the system ID Not in use, green LED light in front of COOLSHOT PROII is installed Blinks to confirm this, to notify moderators that this feature has been disabled. As a reminder, these services are prohibited from competition. Lightweight and waterproof, it can be used whatever the weather conditions.

The COOLSHOT LITE is installed It is also capable of measuring distances to the flag up to 450 meters and also uses stabilization technology that reduces vibrations by approximately 80%, thus providing a clear and stable view of the terrain. It is equipped with technology locked to It provides a visual indication of distance. It uses two modes to display the measurement: golf mode (compensated real distance and real distance) and real distance mode. It is also waterproof, and can be used in wet weather.

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The third laser rangefinder is cool 50i, which can take science measurements up to 360 metres. This is Nikon’s first laser rangefinder with a built-in mounting magnet that allows it to be easily attached to a bag or cart. By a visual signal and a short vibration, the function Double lock on earthquake Reports that the distance to the flag has been measured. The cool 50i It uses the same two measurement modes as the rangefinder COOLSHOT LITE is installed : Golf mode (real distance and real distance) and real distance mode, which helps to find the best possible shot. It is also rain resistant and therefore can be used in wet weather.

Rangefinders are available at the following prices: COOLSHOT PROII is installed to me 549 euros, The COOLSHOT LITE is installed to me €469 and the cool 50i to me 389 €