September 27, 2023


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28 years later, a two-player mode from the Super Fami version "Super Punch Out!!" has been discovered  - GIGAZINE

28 years later, a two-player mode from the Super Fami version “Super Punch Out!!” has been discovered – GIGAZINE

Boxing themed arcade game “Super Punch Out!!” Released by Nintendo in 1985, it was ported to Super Famicom, Abroad in 1994, and Lawson in 1998.the endProgram rewriting system using “Nintendo’s powerDelivered. This Super Famicom version was supposed to be a ‘single player’ version, but on August 8, 2022, 28 years after its release,”Hidden mode where players can playIt was detected that it was installed.

After 28 years, the Super Punch-Out 2 player mode has been discovered!! Ars Technica

“Super Punch-Out!!” It is a sequel to “Punch-Out!!” Released in 1984. The player controls the main character and hits the opponent while dodging the opponent’s attacks. The screen configuration differs from the general 2D fighting games, which is a composition that faces the opponent from behind the main character you control. You can find out what kind of game it is by watching the following movie.

Super punch!! – All opponents (no harm) – YouTube

CaH4e3He has a Twitter account that he managescheat not includedregularly tweets findings from code analysis of retro games, and reports two new discoveries in “Super Punch Out!!”.

While doing some required work, I casually found some new cheats in Super Punch-out for SNES. All secret codes in this game use combinations of two buttons. Two of them are known: the sound test and the introduction of the Japanese name. But there are two other types. ->

– Unlisted cheats (new_cheats_news)

According to CaH4e3, when “PRESS START” appears in the title, press and hold the R and Y buttons on Player 2’s console and press the Start button or the A button on Player 1’s console to display. Unlike the list, you will be presented with a list where you can choose 16 opponents. “Super Punch Out!!” Intended for Nintendo Switch.Super Famicom Nintendo Switch OnlineSince it is being distributed, the following movie is where you actually tried it. We were able to confirm access to the hidden mode on the Nintendo Switch version as well.

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How to extinguish hidden mode of SFC version “ Super Punch Out!! ”The 28-year-old on YouTube

Then, in this hidden mode with 16 opponents displayed, by holding down the B and Y buttons until the match begins with the player 2 console and selecting an opponent with the player 1 console, you can switch to a 2 player battle mode. Even if you succeed, no sound is heard, and the composition of facing the opponent from behind Player 1 will not change. The next movie is where you actually switched to the two-player battle mode.

How to make a two-player battle mode finally found in the SFC version “Super Punch Out!!” – YouTube

However, the opponents that player 2 can turn on are originally only strong enemies that player 1 fights, so they can’t be said to be balanced for battle. However, the discovery that two people can play “Super Punch Out!!” , which was thought to be playable by only one person, is valuable.

According to CaH4e3, the hidden mode this time is the external version of the SNES version of the program, the external version of Super Famicom.Super Famicom MiniIt is said that access has been confirmed with “SNES Classic Edition” and the Nintendo Switch Online edition. If you have a “Super Punch Out!!” At hand, please try it out.

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