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When it comes to business communications, there’s no shortage of provider options.  With a range of price points and a dizzying array of functions and choices, finding a solution...

When it comes to business communications, there’s no shortage of provider options.  With a range of price points and a dizzying array of functions and choices, finding a solution isn’t hard, but finding the ideal solution certainly can be.  Smart buyers sift through all the options, weighing pros and cons, evaluating prices, and determining which communications platform best suits their business needs.  It’s a lot of work.

If only there were independent evaluators of business communications and CRM services…..

Of course, there are!

Frost & Sullivan is a growth partnership company that serves its clients by strategically leveraging branding, technology, and vision to drive growth.  As a company whose success is driven by creating success for other companies, Frost & Sullivan knows what businesses need to thrive.  That’s why it’s remarkable that Frost & Sullivan recognized Nextiva with the 2019 North American Customer Value Leadership Award.  The award specifically honors Nextiva’s commitment to delivering “Amazing Service” to its clients.

How does “Amazing Service” work and what sets Nextiva apart from its many competitors?  It all starts with a superior product, AI-enhanced, machine learning-fueled software and resources that yield genuinely unified communications, amplified by analytic capabilities that yield vital insights into any business.  But solving communications and CRM challenges isn’t enough.

Large companies have long had access to sophisticated, “enterprise level” communications platforms.  Nextiva puts enterprise level capabilities within reach for even small to medium-sized businesses.  And they do it with an unparalleled desire to serve their worldwide clients well.  Industry analyst Michael Brandenberg explains, “Nextiva presents superior customer service and frictionless customer interaction through a unique internal structure. It matches customers with employees based on customer needs and employee skill sets. Smaller businesses are paired with technical staff specialized in the features and account setup that are typical to smaller implementations. This level of commitment to client satisfaction fosters strong customer loyalty and ensures strong growth in the future.”

So Nextiva garnered one of Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practices awards, but how do other companies stack up when compared to Nextiva? created its “Top 10 Business VoIP Providers of 2019” list, and Nextiva is right at the top.  Though a number of other providers like Vonage, Onsip, and 8×8 were well-reviewed, only Nextiva merits the #1 Top Rated distinction.

Hos does Nextiva stack up to its competition?  According to’s review, “Nextiva is our top-rated business VoIP provider due to their robust and easy-to-use products, award-winning customer service all offered at an unbeatable price. And judging by the customer reviews, you can see they agree with our ranking!”  Nextiva’s customizable suite of offerings includes VoIP, CRM, fax, chat, analytics, and surveys, all offered to even the smallest of companies for a fair price.

The review of Vonage is largely positive as well, focusing primarily on the business phone service that makes Vonage the largest VoIP provider in the industry.   Vonage service is easily portable, which makes working while on the road much easier.  The only cons cited for Vonage surround the service’s pricing, which can come in higher then other providers.  Add-on charges for services Vonage considers “premium” are included by other providers, and these charges can add up to a significant monthly expense.

Like Nextiva and Vonage, Onsip fares pretty well in’s review.  Onsip “delivers real-time communications to more than 50,000 companies. They endeavor to eliminate the cost restraints of traditional calling by offering businesses a more flexible, scalable and affordable VOIP software communications solution.”  In general, companies report being satisfied with their service, though some complaints report that the installation process is too technical for some users.

8×8 is also highly regarded, and the review explains “The company’s calling card is that customers get voice, video, chat and contact center on one cloud platform, backed by great security and reliability.”  User reviews indicate that setup is easy, though one criticism is that the basic service isn’t as comprehensive as other providers, and businesses typically need to upgrade their service to get a full suite of tools.

Independent reviewers recognize Nextiva as a remarkable, disruptive player in the VoIP and CRM spaces.  And why is that the case?  It’s the vision of Nextiva founder, Tomas Gorny.  While many people spend their careers searching for minor ways to distinguish themselves from the crowd, Gorny spends his energies dreaming up questions people aren’t even asking yet.

Gorny recognized a business communications crisis and set out to resolve that crisis by creating a completely unified, intuitive solution that serves not just the mammoth corporations with unlimited resources, but caters to small businesses with more modest budgets.  Putting powerful tools in the hands of entrepreneurs and small businesses is a game-changer in a way, making sophisticated communications more democratic and widely available.

Tomas Gorny explains his vision this way:  “Our mission was to simplify business communications, and our first slogan was to help every business – regardless of size – feel and operate like a Fortune 500 company, and we’ve backed this up with affordable pricing, easy to use products, and Amazing Service.”  In the crowded business communications field, reviewers recognize and appreciate genuine innovation and exceptional service.  Nextiva delivers both.

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