Kaspersky Lab announced the worldwide launch of its free antivirus software

Kaspersky Lab announced that it is launching a free anti-virus named as Kaspersky Free. Download and install of the new product will be available to users around the world....

Kaspersky Lab announced that it is launching a free anti-virus named as Kaspersky Free. Download and install of the new product will be available to users around the world.

About the launch of a new antivirus program, the general director of the company Eugene Kaspersky said “There is an excellent news – we are announcing a global launch of the free Kaspersky Anti-Virus! For all comers, free of charge, that is a gift”.

He said that work on the creation of Kaspersky Free lasted for a year and a half. The company is convinced that the new antivirus will not compete with paid versions.

“There are a significant number of users who do not have two thousand rubles for premium protection, which is why they are forced to install leaky crafts and even use the Microsoft Windows Defender actively imposed. The increase in the number of Free installations positively affects the quality of protection for all users by expanding the big data base for machine learning technologies,” according to the statement.

At the same time, the pilot implementation of the new antivirus started last year.

“Last year, the product successfully rip off in the Russia and Ukraine, in China, as well as in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland,” the head of Kaspersky Lab said.

The launch of new software will be carried out in stages. It was decided to coincide with the 20th birthday of Kaspersky Lab. The first to be able to try Kaspersky Free will be residents of the US, Canada and many countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

In September, the new product will be available to users in India, Hong Kong and Turkey, as well as in the Middle East and Africa and Latin America. A month later, Europeans and residents of Japan and South Korea will be able to use free antivirus. For other countries, the software will become available before the end of this year.

According to the head of Kaspersky Lab, the new program will contain only the most necessary functions: file, mail and web antivirus, automatic updates, self-protection, quarantine and others.

“This arsenal provides a comfortable and secure web surfing, working with flash drives and other media, protecting against phishing and launching infected files. In general, the protection of the first need from cybercriminal,”- said Kaspersky.

He noted that Kaspersky Free operates on the same technologies as Kaspersky Lab’s paid products.

“Although the product is only the most necessary, we are never ashamed of it. This is the same protection without compromise – we will detect any cyber threat, regardless of its origin and intentions, even if someone does not like it,”wrote Eugene Kaspersky.

He also stressed that the new program will not have a bonus, which usually affects such free applications – surveillance of users for advertising purposes and trade in its confidential data.


Kaspersky Lab was founded in 1997. The company’s specialization is the development of systems to protect against computer viruses, spam, hacker attacks and other cyber threats. To date, Kaspersky Lab operates in more than 200 countries around the world. The central office of the company is located in Moscow.

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