Nextiva vs Vonage: Are The Two At All Comparable?

VOIP phone systems are becoming increasingly popular amongst many companies. Businesses of all markets have adopted the use of such platforms due to is convenience and complete adherence to...

VOIP phone systems are becoming increasingly popular amongst many companies. Businesses of all markets have adopted the use of such platforms due to is convenience and complete adherence to efficiency. The features it provides allow businesses to save time and costs all while simultaneously increasing their profitability.

It has been demonstrated by various research, that VOIP offers innumerable benefits. In fact it has been proven that approximately 191 company-wide hours per day can be saved with the use of a non-traditional phone system. With these amazing benefits, VOIP providers are in demand. Businesses are seeking  reliable service and providers that are able to offer dependable service and features that are useful for their company.

One of the top contenders in this industry is Vonage and Nextiva. However, evaluation of both businesses has shown a stark difference between the two. Nextiva has proven to be the better choice. This is due largely to their reliability and the services offered. Both companies offer admirable features, but Nextiva tends to offer more services than the other.

The Breakdown: Which Company is Better

Founded in 2001 Vonage has continuously grown as a company and has provided telephone services to both homeowners and businesses. Voice over internet protocol has been their primary origin. They offer features such as Vonage Extensions Plus which enables users to receive their calls on their smartphones despite their location. SimulRing and call forwarding ensures that you don’t miss a call and enables your smart phone and other phones to  ring simultaneously so that you can answer from either one. Other features offered allow additional lines to be added if necessary.

Voicemail, faxing services, virtual and toll-free numbers provide users with flexibility. However, despite their interesting features, Nextiva offers much more admirable features. Also, Vonage’s features are no different than the ones offered by other VOIP providers. This  similarity does not set them apart from their competitors but instead situates Vonage in the same category of mediocrity.

Although founded in 2006, Nextiva indicates that time holds nothing on the reputability, experience and trustworthiness of a company. Nextiva has demonstrated to many large conglomerates and small businesses that their services are unparalleled. In fact, many leading companies in their industries have turned to Nextiva for their service.

These include Target, Burger King, Allstate, IBM and many others have chosen this company to be their principal VOIP provider. In fact  what is admirable about Nextiva its innovative capabilities. They have taken VOIP services to a level that is unachievable by many of their competitors. Aside from providing the basic features of a VOIP phone system such as, call forwarding, virtual attendant, extensions, toll free-numbers, voicemail, faxing services, they have developed a platform that encourages the growth of a company. Executives, Founders, Team Leaders and those alike are able to view performance levels of their employees and make adjustments to their systems as needed to improve productivity levels.

Their platform allows users to easily connect with another and collaborate without any delays. Direct extensions along with instant messaging, video calling and conference calling provide users with the ability to connect in a number of ways.  Overall, Nextiva offers services that adhere to the current dependence on technology.

Nextiva has become conscious of the complete submersion in the digital world and they have developed a platform that enables businesses to effectively answer to their market.  This adamancy to productivity has allowed many companies to efficiently run their businesses.  Nextiva has  also seen the shift in how companies and their employees work and have found ways to support this change.

This shift has lead companies and their workers to become more mobile. The platform developed, allows employees to truly stay connected and remain on task regardless of their location. Companies and their employees are encouraged to be flexible with their time and location. Everyone can remain linked to the office.  With everything changing as it is, it is only right that businesses of all industries remain steadfast with changing times.  Nextiva proudly adheres to this and it is their loyalty to helping companies and remaining current that has positioned them as the best in their industry.