September 30, 2023


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17 upcoming privacy and security improvements for iPhones with iOS 5

17 upcoming privacy and security improvements for iPhones with iOS 5

Knowing that Apple values ​​privacy and cares about the security of its users, Apple introduced the following system. iOS 17 introduces several improvements that make iPhone privacy and security stronger than ever. Let’s take a look at the top 5 upcoming iPhone privacy and security improvements with the new OS:

Safer browsing

With iOS 17, Safari is more powerful than ever because the new operating system locks tabs in your browser so that those tabs can only be opened through the authentication process. So even if your iPhone is with other people and you try to open a tab in Safari, the browser will ask you to unlock it via passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID, so turning on private browsing will unlock the tab. If you try to unlock, it won’t work. mode, Safari closes tabs automatically.

remove tracker

Opening a URL link in a private browsing window not only removes all tracking information added to that link, but it also completely blocks unknown trackers, so companies can track you across the sites you visit. They won’t be able to track your browsing. Therefore, they cannot target you with ads or even know your real identity. When using normal browsing mode in Safari, the system allows you to: For iOS 17, here are the steps to remove trackers from links while browsing by removing tracking links if you have enabled this feature:

  • Go to settings
  • Click Safari, then click Advanced.
  • Tap Track & Fingerprint Protection
  • Then enable all browsing modes

So, to improve your privacy, iPhone removes tracking information from all open links in Safari.

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shared password

With iOS 17, you can securely share passwords and passkeys with anyone, including friends and family, through iCloud Keychain. Shared passwords are easy to access, change and update quickly. To share your password:

  • Open Settings on your iPhone
  • Click on “Password”
  • Then tap Start below Family Password

Reset passcode

If you entered your iPhone passcode incorrectly 17 times, your device will be erased automatically, but with iOS 72, if you change your passcode and forget the new passcode, you have 17 hours to use the old passcode. -You need to reset a new passcode. This feature is very important for people who change their device passcode frequently or who don’t remember their passcode.

If you entered a wrong passcode, tap on the Try Reset Passcode option and you will be able to use your old passcode to create a new passcode. Also, if someone knows the old passcode, they can click Unexpire Old Passcode Now.


Apple introduced passkeys instead of passwords, and iOS 17 automatically assigns a passkey to your Apple ID. So you sign into your Apple ID with your face or fingerprint instead of a password, and your passkey uses a unique encryption key pair. One is the public key registered in the website or application and the other is the private key. It is only kept on the device. There is no way for a third party to intercept and access your passkey, so your passkey cannot be stolen.

Finally, these were the top 17 features that enhance the privacy and security of your iPhone with iOS 5. iOS 10 includes many other great improvements and features that help you use your device like never before.



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