September 16, 2021


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10 new games to try on Switch, Xbox, PlayStation or PC – Multimedia

August is the month of summer vacation for many people and with more free time there are also more hours to explore new games. In the coming weeks, there will be new games in stores, but there are at least 10 that deserve a high note.

Ghost of Tsushima: The director cut one of them. The game will be released on the 20th day and will bring with it all the original adventure, along with a new chapter that takes place on a neighboring island. This extension will give the game new environments, animals, characters, enemies, armor and new technologies.

In addition to the samurai, Qena: The Bridge of Spirits. This was one of the first games announced by Sony for the PlayStation 5. The action-adventure title was developed by an independent team and is their first production. The structure seems short for a temporary exclusive, but the game has impressed Sony and since the beta release has been released, it has raised expectations. In Kena: Bridge of Spirits, you will be able to play as a spirit guide, with magical powers, in a fantasy world full of magical creatures.

Psychonauts 2 suggests a more alternative narrative. In the role of Raz, a mentalist, acrobatic spy and psychic, he will have to use his powers to take on strange enemies and overcome all kinds of obstacles on a journey of redemption that has a lot of humor in the mix.

Learn more about these games and seven more games coming to stores this August. Click on the pictures for more details.

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