May 25, 2024


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🎮BenQ's X300G gaming monitor will go on sale on April 10, and is capable of 4K display in a compact chassis.

🎮BenQ's X300G gaming monitor will go on sale on April 10, and is capable of 4K display in a compact chassis.

BenQ japan k BenQ announced today that it will release… X300Gthe latest addition to the

BenQ X300G Gaming Projector

BenQ's new gaming monitor, the X300G, is a compact model with dimensions of 212 x 181 x 195 mm capable of Projection reach to 120 inches with 4K resolution.

X300G installation image.

When playing games on a monitor, latency is a concern. The X300G offers low latency 16.7 ms When playing 4K/60Hz and 4.2 ms When playing at Full HD/240 Hz! Enjoy your favorite games as you please on a big screen with low latency.

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Built-in speakers

The X300G is equipped with two 8 watts Amplifiers. Immerse yourself in games with realistic sound without the need for separate speakers or a headset.

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Game type

Since this is a gaming projector, it is also equipped with a more specialized system. Three types of video and audio presets are available: FPS, RPG, and Sports mode, allowing you to enjoy settings that match the game type. In addition, Recommended video settings for It can be the title of every game Loaded from aPC.

Of course, it is also perfect for watching dramas and movies. Since it comes with Android TV, you can install Google Play games and video streaming service apps to enjoy a variety of content.

The BenQ X300G gaming monitor is scheduled to launch in Wednesday, April 10, 2024. For more information about specifications please visit ” Product Page X300G”..

Outline specifications
family name X300G
Projection method Single screen DLP system
Light source Drove
brightness 2000 ANSI lumens
Input delay 4K/60Hz playback: 16.7 ms FHD/60Hz playback, 16.7 ms FHD/120Hz playback: 8.3 ms WQHD/120Hz playback: 8.3 ms*1 FHD/240Hz playback: 4.2 ms*2 *1 Downscaling to Full HD for WQHD input *2 Maximum resolution for 240Hz input, maximum resolution up to Full HD, up to Full HD at 240Hz input.
Projection distance almost. 100 inches by 1.5 meters
Screen Size almost. 60 to 120 inches
Maximum resolution 4K Ultra HD resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels)
Input terminals HDMI (2.0b) x 1 Mini HDMI (2.0b) x 1 (Android TV internal port)
I/O terminal control USB Type C (DP Alt Mode, maximum power supply 18W) x 1 USB Type A (for SettingXchange) x 1
Dimensions almost. 212x181x195 mm
Weight almost. 3.0 kg
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