September 27, 2023


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【22FW / Products】 COHESIVE |  news

【22FW / Products】 COHESIVE | news

【22FW / Products】 COHESIVE

For all young people “nest of youth”

From school to after school. From commuting to business trips and excursions. Spend a never ending day with a ‘Borderless’ partner who supports you in and out. If you don’t stop, you should be able to see something in the future. The present of myself and I, full of ‘baggage’ and ‘memories’, has begun.

For all young people. Run now with the highest quality backpack that combines the DNA of CHROME.

For more than 25 years since the birth of the brand, CHROME has continued to create unfashionable “mobile gadgets” for professional reporters, urban athletes and active city dwellers.

However, tools change over time.
And change evolves tools.

By combining the DNA of the bags made by CHROME, the ‘COHESIVE’ Top Backpack was born, bringing convenience to the lives of a wide range of users from cycling to business and school.

In recent years, backpacks for students have become especially large.
In addition to textbooks, writing instruments, club activity tools and changing clothes, tools have become essential due to the digitization trend, so 35 liter backpacks are required.

In addition, backpacks that can be used for business trips, business trips and travel are in great demand. COHESIVE is what meets that need, and we have an assortment of two types of sizes according to the application.

It is a basic nylon model, with 8 pockets of different sizes and uses with a volume of 35 liters, the attached flap can hold sleeping bags, outerwear and shoes, increased on-the-go luggage, etc.

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It also has a waterproof pocket and a 15-inch computer pocket. Functionality is further enhanced by the use of a safety pocket shoulder bag or sling bag, sold separately.

3L larger than the regular model, and the water resistance performance is improved by adopting a full tarpaulin over the entire surface.
It is a high-spec model that can be used in everything from everyday use by students and business people to travel.

[COHESIVE 38 詳細はこちら]{}
[COHESIVE 38 詳細はこちら]{}

has been restocked The long-awaited, which was released in March of this year and some models were sold out.
A new video has also been released.

For all young people.
COHESIVE = As the name suggests, “with the unit/unit”, now run with the highest backpack that can pack all the “luggage” and “memories”.