December 6, 2021


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▷ Hitlers Überflieger - ein Geschichtsroman mit dem Weg eines Unternehmensberaters

▷ People under their helmets need guardian angels: 41 years in the Cologne fire brigade

09.11.2021 – 11:10

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Today I can present to you the impressive book “People Who Wear Helmets Need Guardian Angels: 41 Years of the Cologne Fire Brigade” by Lothar Schneid.

41 years of professional fire service. It feels like an eternity, but in the past it evaporates like nothing. Every day, adrenaline, sweat, anger, laughter, tears, saving lives and sometimes just your life. Life-threatening situations and friendly moments. Lots of work and a little bit of boredom. Craft and bureaucracy. The realization: There is only one person under each helmet. People you sometimes have to work with and often like to work together. People – and that sounds like an old cliché – you should be able to rely on because sometimes it can save your life.

This book not only reports on daily work tasks, but describes the fire department as a whole. With all your strengths and weaknesses. with all their people.

curious? I would be glad if you would like to know more about this book and read it so that you can then decide whether to publish a review of the book. Do you have any questions about the book? Do you want to arrange an interview? Do you want a copy to read? You can ask me directly at [email protected]

For the book:

People under their helmets need guardian angels: 41-year-old Cologne Fire Brigade

by Lothar Schneid

174 pages, €11.99

ISBN: 9783752671438

E-book: ASIN B08QZGL6D7, 4,49 Euro

Lothar Schneid published another book, There’s Only One Person Under Every Helmet: 41 Years of Professional Firefighters, ISBN 978-3749428137.

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About the author:

Lothar Schneid, born 1957. Husband, father and grandfather. He has been in the service of firefighters in Cologne for two-thirds of his life so far. I grew up professionally in a male field that today can no longer do without women. Individual and improvised. Always ready to learn new things. He is now living a new life. With family. No costume and flashing lights.

You can find more information about the books on the following pages:

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