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10.06.2021 – 11:10

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Today I can present to you the book “Entre dos Tierras – Between Two Worlds” by Peter Gibel.

Peter Geipel presents a variety of short stories: encounters, stories from current and past history, events around September 11, 2001, original reports from the media as well as words by local and international artists. The narrative perspective varies with the seasons.

Some stories are told from the protagonist’s first-person perspective, and in other texts a personal narrator directs the story. Media reports are presented in the form of a dialogue. This difference does justice to a variety of narratives. The polished, but still simple style of the language allows for a good flow of reading, but at the same time testifies to the literary skills of the author. Detailed descriptions of the situation and feelings bring the events to life. The use of metaphors, diagnoses, and onomatopoeia increases this effect.

Curious? I would be glad if you would like to know more about this book and read it so that you can then decide whether to publish a review of the book. Do you have questions about the book or author? Do you want to arrange an interview? Do you want a copy to read? You can ask me directly at [email protected].

For the book:

entre dos tierras – Between two worlds

Peter Gibble

716 pages

Posted by tredition, Hamburg

ISBN number

Paperback 978-3-7469-4839-3

Hardcover 978-3-7469-4840-9

E-Book 978-3-7469-4841-6

About the author:

Born in Stuttgart Bad Cannstatt, he studied theater studies, politics and literature at the University of Stuttgart.

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He worked in many government theaters as a director and set designer – with Professor Dr. Klaus-Peter Kerr, Stuttgart State Opera, Prof. Hansgünter Heime, Stuttgart State Theatre, Prof. Achim Freire, Stuttgart State Opera, Prof. Hans-Dietrich Schmidt, Stuttgart State Theatre, Prof. D. Gunter Erkin, State Theater Stuttgart, d. Michael Schindelbeck, Stachuspil Stuttgart, Barbara and Jürgen Esser, Statschauspil Stuttgart, Professor Brian Michaels, Statssuper Stuttgart, Prof. Ernst Poetgen, Statssuper Stuttgart, Director Paul Shalich, Statschauspil Stuttgart, Klaus Wagner, Stutt.

He works as a freelance author, text writer, translator, facility manager, and publisher of books, magazines, newspapers, and scholarly art publications.

I am glad to hear from you.


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