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▷ America is on fire – rebuilding a global power after Donald Trump

▷ America is on fire – rebuilding a global power after Donald Trump

06.06.2021 – 14:50

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An Entertaining Journey Through the Woods of American Society and Politics by Jacob J. Paulus, who lives in Stuttgart.

In his non-fiction book, America in Fire – How the American Dream Became a Nightmare, Jacob J. Paulus reads his readers on an entertaining journey through the jungle of American society and politics.

The USA promised to become a country that does everything better. The political events of the past few years in the United States have not left Europe and the rest of the world indifferent. The emergence of far-right groups, renewed ethnic unrest and rampant poverty are just a few of the witnesses to the precarious situation in the country. The United States is the most powerful economic and military actor in the world. The combination of all these factors has made Donald Trump’s presidency one of the most dangerous eras in modern history. However, the peculiarities of American society remain a mystery to most people. In this factual book, political enthusiasts and those who want to become one learn how America got into this predicament.

Jacob J. describes. Paulus, in his first book, The Great Problems Facing the American Republic, which is more than 200 years old. A comprehensive interpretation of political and social processes makes the content understandable even to those who are new to politics. The author explores the American promises of life, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness. Critically but with humor, he explores the temporary balance of these promises and examines the question of how things in the soul of the nation should have done better than the rest.

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“America in Flames – How the American Dream is a Nightmare” is available as of June 10, 2021 in BoD-Verlag, as an e-book on Amazon or in bookstores under ISBN 978-3-753-48277-4. (304 pages, €13.99)

Jacob C. was born. Paulus in 1997, is a psychology student focusing on clinical psychology and lives alternately in Amsterdam and his hometown of Stuttgart. As a liberal atheist, he advocates a return to reason in politics and society as well as the values ​​of secularism and the personal freedom of the individual.

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