July 20, 2024


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″ If I am not 40 years old and have played 500 La Liga matches, I will ask what else will happen to me ″

″ If I am not 40 years old and have played 500 La Liga matches, I will ask what else will happen to me ″



Remarks – Manuel Machado (Coach Nacional) after the match Nacional-Porto (0-1), from the 27th round of the Spanish Premier League.

the fine: “Maybe if we hadn’t missed the penalty kick, we would have reached the tiebreaker with a result that reflected the performance of the two teams better. The goal that could be scored in the first half is the penalty kick and another step before Camacho ends. Even not getting the best score. It’s a decisive moment. Even. The goal that makes the difference for FC Porto ends up being more of a flaw than it is worth building a part of FC Porto. The penalties are very high, statistically speaking from a point of view. Last week we actually lost one, with another sign, and today we failed again This event punishes us. “

improvement: “But taking into account the progress of the performance, after a very bad game with Portimonense here at home, we played a much better game with Santa Clara, even though the result is equal (1-5). Today, with a team from another dimension, With the pace of the Champions League and the title play, I think the players performed very well, with a difference in behavior, greater organization, cohesion and confidence. As they did today, in the matches that lie ahead, I still think that Nacional, for the year, will continue in the first league. “

confidence: “If I am not 40 years old and 500 games in La Liga, I will ask what will happen to me too, but we know that football changes in an instant and that is why it keeps organization, work and confidence in players from a vital point of view, even for performance. The good they did today, I have absolute confidence that we will be able to solve the current problem. My state of mind is confidence and calm, despite my sadness for not registering, because that was what I wanted. “

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