September 22, 2023


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[كيف تستمتع بتصوير الأفلام (2)]Mastering Five Point Film Cameras |  CAPA CAMERA WEB

[كيف تستمتع بتصوير الأفلام (2)]Mastering Five Point Film Cameras | CAPA CAMERA WEB

Film photography, which is different from digital photography, is gaining popularity these days, with unique photography and shooting processes. Introducing a modern version of cinematography that digitizes films and enjoys photography. This time, it’s a point to take full advantage of the movie camera.

Reproduce soft light with a negative color

A water bus arrives at a stop and makes a U-turn. The image’s soft color negative reproduces spring light well. The result is a picture with a somewhat nostalgic atmosphere that differs from that of a digital camera. The one-by-one style of taking pictures is also fun.

Nikon F3 AI Nikkor 50mm f/1.4S Aperture F8 1/1000s Fujicolor SUPERIA PREMIUM 400 (Digital with Nikon Z 7II + ES-2 Film Digitizer)

Load the main film and master the camera

Film cameras operate differently from digital cameras. This is Film Loading, Filtering, and Rewinding. Digital cameras only require a memory card to be inserted, but for film cameras, especially models with a swing arm, loading film becomes a hurdle.

The goal is to get the end of the film firmly inserted into the spool before wrapping it, and to check that the holes mesh with the sprocket. Next, check that the rewinder crank turns when you skip the first sheet feed.

Don’t forget to set the ISO sensitivity for models other than those that support DX code. Also, when you have finished shooting the film, do not forcibly rewind it, and always press the rewind button before rewinding. Never open the back cover until this series of operations has been completed. The film is exposed.

① Load the film into the camera

Insert and roll film with lever operation

How do you enjoy cinematography?

Insert the film leader into the camera roll and turn the roll arm once. Make sure the teeth of the sprockets are bitten into the holes. After loading, close the back cover and feed the first sheet.

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Align the film and close the back cover.

How do you enjoy cinematography?

For the Autoload type, drag the tip of the reader to the red mark. When the rear cover is closed or closed and the shutter is released, the first frame is directed automatically. Automatic winding and winding.

② Set the shooting sensitivity

Match your camera’s sensitivity settings to your film

How do you enjoy cinematography?

For cameras that do not support the DX code, set the same ISO sensitivity number as the film. Unlike the digital mode, you cannot change the ISO sensitivity while shooting. If the camera and film are DX compatible, the sensitivity is set automatically.

③ Shooting with focus and exposure settings

Check focus through the viewfinder

How do you enjoy cinematography?

With MF Camera, focus yourself. Some models have exposure AE, but you can’t tell the result until you develop it. This is one of the true pleasures of filming movies.

④ Wrap up the movie and prepare for the next shoot

Wind the film with the zigzag lever

How do you enjoy cinematography?

How do you enjoy cinematography?

After you release the shutter and take a picture, roll the film with the roll lever ready for next time. It feels like moving a machine, something that isn’t digital. Classic cameras also have a dial type.

Rewrap and remove the film.

Press the rewind button, then rewind

How do you enjoy cinematography?


How do you enjoy cinematography?

After taking the number of rolls of film, rewind the film. First, hit the rewind button at the bottom. Next, lift the rewind lever and rotate it clockwise to rewind. When the crank motion becomes light, it’s done.

Develop the movie you shot in the store!

Simultaneous development and printing

The shot film is sent to the photo shop for development. The general end is L-size simultaneous printing. These days, there are services that put data on CDs and DVDs.

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How do you enjoy cinematography?

download service

For those who want to post it on SNS or simply watch it on their smartphone, they can convert it into 2.5 mega pixel data and download it to their smartphone using a QR code.

How do you enjoy cinematography?

Next time, I will introduce a photography camera recommended by photographer Fuji.

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