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[عمود Kazuhisa Nishikawa غير المنتظم]To what extent can the latest Ubuntu Desktop 22.04 LTS be used to work?  Tried to calibrate the screen!  - PC Show

[عمود Kazuhisa Nishikawa غير المنتظم]To what extent can the latest Ubuntu Desktop 22.04 LTS be used to work? Tried to calibrate the screen! – PC Show

Screen Calibration Using i1 Display Pro with Ubuntu Desktop 22.04 LTS!

I’ve been trying it on different devices since Chrome OS Flex came out, and while it’s OK for little use, I’m a little unhappy with it being used to work at scale. “Speaking of…” I remembered that Ubuntu 22.04 LTS was released, and when I touched it, it turned out to be very good. So, I would like to send you a use notebook this time.

Problems when working with Chrome OS (Flex)

before”Chrome OS Flex Now Available From Google Home! Put It In Different MachinesI installed Chrome OS Flex on different devices, and since then I’ve been using “MINISFORUM DeskMini UM270” (Ryzen 7 PRO 2700U) and “Lenovo ThinkPad T440s” (4th generation Core i5) for the watch.

Before getting into this paper, as in a report, the Linux environment wrote in the article that “if the installed CPU is affected by the Specter and Meltdown vulnerabilities, Linux will not boot”, and in fact, the ThinkPad T440s initially did not work with “Error starting crostini for terminal 5”, but it works with recent versions. I don’t know what the circumstances are mitigated, and I don’t know how well it will work, but if you are getting similar errors, try it after updating the OS.

Now, going back to the story, Chrome OS Flex can use Chrome, Linux will work if the conditions are met, and it will be an environment that can be used to work as is. However, when it comes to actual use by the author (mainly the Office system, development, and manuscript/image editing) the following is caught and it’s a situation I can’t take another step forward.

1) The screen cannot be calibrated
2) /etc/hosts . cannot be rewritten
3) Wine is not good (within the scope of business applications)

Regarding 1), there is no calibration app that works on Chrome OS (Flex) (DisplayCAL in Flatpak described later also doesn’t work), and even if it does, there is no way to put the created profile in the OS. This is fatal when editing an image.

2) Not relevant to many people, but when developing a web system, for example, when moving or renewing a site, if you change each server, then the IP address of the current operating site and the IP address of the destination will be different naturally … .. also You can’t switch DNS until you’re done.

In such a case, if you add “new IP address hostname (eg” to /private/etc/hosts on macOS and C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts on Windows, that machine You can access the server with the new IP address on only through, and you can work / confirm there (switch DNS after work is complete). This is not possible with Chrome OS (Flex) because /etc/hosts cannot be rewritten. Some of the plugins are similar, but they work or don’t work.

However, in the case of the absolute, it is not without hands, and /etc/hosts can be rewritten on the Linux side, so it is possible to install Chrome or Edge for Linux and replace it.

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3) It requires Hidemaru (since I haven’t found my favorite editor for Chrome yet. Mi on macOS) and WinSCP (it’s a hassle to re-register 100+ hosts), but the latter works or doesn’t. This area will depend on the Windows application you are using.

It looks like this. Especially 1) killer, and it says “If you can’t modify an image including the exact colors, you can do it all on Windows/macOS that can do it!”.

Tried Ubuntu Desktop 22.04 LTS

Watching the computer the other day”ubuntu day andThe new sequence started, “By the way, Ubuntu Desktop 22.04 LTS came out!?” I installed it on my ThinkPad T440s which has Chrome OS Flex with a light feel.

Since the installation method is beyond the scope of the article, I will not write the details,

1)hereDownload Ubuntu Desktop 22.04 LTS ISO Image from
2)RufusBurn to USB memory using
3) Boot from USB memory and install (Language, timezone, network, installation destination storage specification, account…etc can be entered easily)

It is a place. If you set the keyboard to Japanese (OADG), the IME will toggle with half-width/full-width keys. I tried to touch it up, but it’s very good including the UI. Of course, since the base is Linux, you can also open and run Terminal from the command line (copy and paste is Shift + Ctrl + C / V), but naturally PHP (version 8.1.2 for proper installation), Apache / can be installed Nginx, MariaDB, and server system like Redis……. It will be a complaint-free environment for development systems.

For office systems, the LibreOffice Community 7 series is installed as standard, as are online systems that use the Web. In Settings → Online Account, you can manage Google, Microsoft, etc. collectively, and if you set it, for example, you can integrate Google Drive into the Files app (Microsoft unfortunately only emails. I want to support One Drive).

In addition, Apple’s Magic Trackpad 1/2 can be operated completely including three fingers. There is no good external touchpad for Windows, so I recommend using it for the desktop. The laptop’s touchpads and webcams also work well in the range I tested. I also recognized “Brother MFC-J903N” on the MFP on the network (although I only use it with my scanner these days).

I did the following as a small environment setup. Zone 1 through 4) appears to be relatively common.

0)sudo apt updateとsudo apt upgrade
1)$ LANGUAGE=C LC_MESSAGES=C xdg-user-dirs-gtk-update
4)$ sudo apt install ubuntu-restricted-extras
6)openssh-serverやnet-toolsなどはお好みでapt install

Now, if you’re using Chrome and you’re signed in with your Google account, your usual Chrome environment will sync and you can work normally right away.

For Wine, if you normally do sudo apt install wine, 6 threads are involved, so do the following.

$ dpkg --print-architecture
$ sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386
$ dpkg --print-foreign-architectures

$ wget -nc
$ sudo mv winehq.key /usr/share/keyrings/winehq-archive.key
$ wget -nc
$ sudo mv winehq-jammy.sources /etc/apt/sources.list.d/
$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install --install-recommends winehq-staging
※現在Ubuntu 22.04用のstableがないためstagingを使用
$ wine --version
wine-7.7 (Staging)

$ winecfg
※必要なモジュールを自動でインストール。アプリケーション→WindowsバージョンをWindows 8へ。画面→画面の解像度を必要に応じて合わせる

$ wget
$ chmod +x winetricks
$ sudo mv winetricks /usr/bin/
$ winetricks fakejapanese

decent. The IME’s built-in transform support, which took another effort with Chrome OS Flex, can be left without doing anything. Not only Hidemaru, but WinSCP, which wasn’t good enough, worked comfortably. Also, file access is probably fast (?), fake Japanese Winetricks, which took over 10 minutes on Chrome OS Flex, were finished in no time.

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No problem running Chrome and Visual Studio Code, accessing a NAS using the Files app. The previous /etc/hosts is also rewritten. At this point my usage has completely bypassed Chrome OS (Flex)! “I’m sorry I licked Ubuntu Desktop” (laughs).

Very cool user interface. Hidemaru and WinSCP are also activated by Wine. Photoshop is the web version

A remote RDP connection (from macOS etc.) is also possible. But is there a bug? It works while sharing is on/off and Remote Desktop/Remote Control is on/off.

Darktable is used for RAW development. It can be installed with sudo apt install darktable

LibreOffice community installed as standard and Settings → Online account (Contents that can be synced depends on the service)

There is a calibration item in Settings → Color!

Well, the last fortress, the screen calibration, but as an experiment, when the i1 Display Pro was connected to USB, what settings → color started automatically. Isn’t there a “Calibration (C)…” element? I followed the message and proceeded with the process, and when I thought “Now start measuring ♪”, it failed with an error.

At first I thought it was a display driver issue, but later I tried it on two other machines and it was exactly the same so it looks like it’s basically a bug. This is where I really want you to fix it.

Re-challenge with DisplayCAL!

After various searches to fix the previous error, I found another calibration app, DisplayCAL! I decided to give it a try. Use Flatpak because it doesn’t work with proper install. The procedure is as follows.

1)$ sudo apt install flatpak
2)ブラウザで からダウンロード
3)$ flatpak install net.displaycal.DisplayCAL.flatpakref

decent. Start DisplayCAL with i1 Display Pro connected.

$ flatpak run net.displaycal.DisplayCAL

It’s an English menu, but not too difficult. The procedure is as follows.

Set the settings to Office & Web (D65, Gamma 2.2) (for normal use). The screen and the gadget are not touched

Calibration sets White Level to Custom and determines brightness. It’s usually 100 to 120, but it’s great for my work, so I set it to 60 (toggle between 100 and 2)

Excavation is not specifically addressed,[Calibrate & profile]click

Put the dashboard in the middle and set the i1 Display Pro

[Start measurement]When enabled, tap to match brightness with R/G/B on the screen (for laptops, just touch the last one). If it fits correctly[Stop measurement]stop at,[Continue on to calibration]Start calibration with

The measurement results are as follows. The monitor I used is as old as the Dell “U2414H”, and I used it on the third monitor, so the color gamut coverage is sRGB 89.3%. Also[Start measurement]As you can see during the process, the R/G/B tuning also changes when the brightness changes, so if you want to support multiple brightness, you need to create multiple icc files accordingly.

Show a board like this when you’re done. U2414H is an old screen, so the sRGB coverage rate is 89.3%.

Measurement result 1 (show profile information) / correction curve. It is completely complete

Measurement Result 2 (show profile info) / color gamut

[Install Profile]Error (it will be false, but it will be executed because it is necessary to save the associated file)

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Normally, this is a validation (validation of the corrected value), but[Install Profile]There is an error, and the base profile is not set in the operating system, so it takes a lot of work here.

The generated icc file is in “~/.var/app/net.displaycal.DisplayCAL/data/DisplayCAL/storage/”, but since it is a hidden folder with .var extension, use the ln command to make it easier to run. Make a link. Now you can treat it as an icc folder directly under the home page. Next, add a profile in Settings → Color and enable it.

$ ln -s .var/app/net.displaycal.DisplayCAL/data/DisplayCAL/storage/ ~/icc

Add the above icc file by opening Settings → Color and adding Profile (A).

Check and Enable

This will change the screen to settings after calibration, so perform the verification. The result can be obtained in html. Since the right end is all green, you can see that it is within the error range of the initial setup (it turns red if it’s out of range). If that’s the case, you can edit photos enough! A RAW development app is similar to Darktable and Lightroom, so you’ll want something like Adobe Camera Raw.

Check result (partial). Since the right end is all green, it is within the error range of the initial setup.

I wrote, but when I looked for it later, I found Raw Therapee.Because you can enter with FlatpakWhen I tried it on, it was picture perfect! I decided to go with this.

$ flatpak install com.rawtherapee.RawTherapee.flatpakref
$ flatpak run com.rawtherapee.RawTherapee

Also, in the derived application, “art(The site says a fork of Raw Therapee), and it’s available for Linux and Windows.

When I tried it, the Linux version didn’t work with “GLib-GIO-ERROR**: schema’org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.xsettings settings” doesn’t have a key called “anialiasing”, but the Windows version was Wine. It has been worked on. It seems a little complicated (laughs).

Raw Therapee, a RAW development application. The atmosphere is close to Adobe Camera Raw and I love it

Aside, “The weather in Ubuntu[الثاني]Benefits of Ubuntu on Windows“Ubuntu does not have many special advantages over Windows,” but if it is a major development, in addition to the above environment, it is a desktop running on the same base as the target server. Isn’t it a special feature to say (although Linux runs on WSL and VM on Windows). However, these days I use Docker (light I/O on Linux) / Amazon ECS, so nothing… (laughs)

As mentioned above, Ubuntu Desktop 22.04 LTS can rewrite /etc/hosts, stable Wine operation, screen calibration, which was not satisfied with Chrome OS (Flex), and for my use, Chrome OS (Beyond Flex), it turned out to be a complete replacement For Windows / macOS. Currently, it comfortably runs on Ryzen 5 4500U-equipped NUCs and ThinkPad 13/T440s. Especially for ThinkPad, I can’t upgrade to Windows 11, so I plan to use it as Ubuntu.

There are various ways to add an SSD to your machine, run it on a VM, etc., so if you read this series and thought “Oh!” Please try Ubuntu.