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[شحن الهاتف الذكي]What percentage should be left when charging?  NG law?  – I asked a smartphone repair specialist – OTONA LIFE

[شحن الهاتف الذكي]What percentage should be left when charging? NG law? – I asked a smartphone repair specialist – OTONA LIFE

It is no exaggeration to say that the battery is the life of the smartphone. Charging timing varies from person to person but if you charge it the wrong way, it can stress the battery. If the degradation progresses, the battery level will drop quickly so if possible, you want to charge it the right way. So this time, let’s focus on the “best time to charge your smartphone”.

What percentage of smartphone users charge their phones?

Recognizing the optimal timing for charging varies from person to person …

First place by far is “20% or less”! (scanned by Saburogu)

source:【transfer to ahamo

In the first place, what percentage of a smartphone battery do most people charge? Previously, Review Co., Ltd. “Survey about when smartphones will be shipped” targeting teenagers and the elderly.

When we asked respondents, “What percentage of the battery left on your smartphone do you have a charge?” , ranked first with “20% or less”. Of those who answered “20% or less”, “I charge it when it gets to 20% to prevent my smartphone from running out of battery” and “I have a strong sense of that number because it’s annoying, so when I go on a trip etc. Ideally it should To stay at 100%.”

By the way, after the second place, they are ranked in the order of “50% or less” and “30% or less”, and the lowest percentage is “after the battery is completely dead”. Looking at the respondents’ comments, “I heard charging when there’s a lot of power won’t last long, so I try to do it when it’s low” and “Battery life is better if I fully discharge it and then charge it I hear it was fine.” People seem to have perceptions. different from “best time to charge”.

I asked a smartphone repair specialist what is the best time to charge a smartphone

Professional opinion is, “If this is the latest model, there is no better timing.”

An unexpected answer from a smartphone repair specialist! ?

Not only the survey questionnaire results, but also the various answers on SNS, such as “You should charge XX%”. When this happens, it becomes difficult to know what information is correct. Therefore, in order to check the best charging timing, we asked the repair staff of the “Smartphone Station”, which repairs smartphones, for their professional opinions.

――In order to make the smartphone battery last longer (don’t put a load on it), what percentage should it be charged? Also, please tell us why.

Smartphone Repair Station Staff: “If it’s the latest model, it’s basically controlled by the smartphone and makes a perfect charge that doesn’t burden the battery. There’s no such thing as ‘this timing is the best.'”

However, smartphones are also machines, so there is a “recommended operating temperature”. For example, the recommended operating temperature for iPhone is between 0 and 35 degrees Celsius, so it’s best to avoid charging in extremely hot places, like the scorching heat in the middle of summer or on a car dashboard.”

From the point of view of smartphone repair professionals, maintaining the “recommended operating temperature” seems to be more important than charging timing to extend battery life.

NG behavior is “charging while charging”

“Charging while charging” may cause the battery to expand! ?

If it is the latest model“You don’t have to worry about shipping timing.”However, are there other misconceptions that many people have about charging? I asked the repair specialist about it.

Smartphone Repair Station Staff: “The most common misbehavior is ‘charging while gaming’. If you are charging while playing games or watching videos, the device will overheat. This can cause the battery to swell.

Enlargement is a symptom which is not an exaggeration to say that it is the most drained state of the battery issue. If you want to recharge the battery during the day, I think it’s best to “charge to 80% and stop charging once before use”.

Also, when the battery reaches 80% or more, the operating system controls the power supply to the battery to be incremental, so there is no need to force the battery to reach 100%. “

In order to extend the battery life, it seems that “charging while charging” causing “battery bulge” is prohibited. It’s an act that tends to happen when you’re relaxing at home or before going to bed, so it’s best to refrain from people who have a complex on your mind.

Even during fast charging, “charging while charging” can shorten battery life…

Is it safe not to turn on a smartphone while fast charging?

What has become clear from the professional answers is that in addition to ‘charging NG while charging’, ‘there is no need to charge up to 100%’. Personally, it was a surprising answer because I tended to charge it until it was full. By the way, at the end of the answer, also send me one tip about shipping.

Smartphone Repair Station Staff: “The quickest way to charge is to put the charging cable into “low power mode” or “power saving mode” and then plug the charging cable in and not touch the smartphone.

If you have a model that can charge quickly, you can charge from a single digit to 80% in about 30 minutes. If you can’t stand 30 minutes and “charge while charging” frequently, it will be the number one factor shortening your battery life. People who are used to it need to be especially careful.”

Coverage Collaboration: Smartphone Station

A smartphone repair specialist has found out the “best time to charge your smartphone”. When you use your smartphone in the future, why don’t you try to “start using it after charging it up to 80%”?

● The “smartphone station” that repairs iPhones and smartphones cooperated with the corresponding →here

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