September 26, 2022


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[بوكيمون GO]problem!  Who is this pokemon!?

[بوكيمون GO]problem! Who is this pokemon!?

Pokemon GO]the 112th Revival of the Artist Illustration Contest!

It may be easy to understand

This demonstration project was launched as a special project at the beginning of 2020. After revival at the request of readers, this timeChapter 112

This author project AppBank.netedamamePokemon illustration drawn by the illustrator, I am the authorfiis to see the pokemon and guess it.

I recently changed my mind and turned it into a silhouette test rather than a demonstration test.

By the way, here is the content from last time.

The last time it was a lump of thorns, it was a very difficult problem. However, the shape itself was special, so maybe it was easy for someone to understand…?

Well, this week…?

A question!

to the spurs.

The painter commented in this regard:

My pen became unruly.

painter roughnessIt appears to be out of shape.

I’m also interested in the shape, but I’m also curious about the two tactile sensations that stick out from the top.

something,dreadful monsterThere seems to be something that leads to … …


The unpronounceable character chain jumped out of the painter.

By the way, this seems too small. …… When I told him, an unexpected reason was sent from the painter.

This illustration was drawn outside.
Usually there are people in the background.
When I draw this big screen illustration and a smile, it gets a lot of attention, so I end up getting smaller.

More realistic than you think.

In today’s world, smiling alone can lead to problems.

Are you satisfied with the performance?

Somehow I feel satisfied every time!!
Ah, but if you do it well, you might still feel a little confused (because it’s not fun if you’re good at it)
Dear readers!From now on, please read the artist’s conflicts of the illustrations!!
If you say it was easy to understand, then you are not satisfied with the quality this time.

Shall we go to the answer soon as there has been a heated struggle between the painter?

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Well, what answer did the author draw from this study? (Readers, please think about it together.)

Speaking of guys with tactile sensations and huge bodies…

The answer I got from here is…

bobo pokemon”massive bun“is not it!

Well, the correct answer is…?

correct answer!
There is only the pectoral muscle in the part that feels like a painter!!

Hitomi tour (laughs)

It seems that the painter was not satisfied. (Although you draw well

She’s so pretty, but you could tell she’s a huge boon!

It’s much nicer than the real thing.
I had chest pains…
When I drew it, it was full of features.
Amazing pokemon.
That’s it for today’s painter contest! I took a two week break, but will resume sequencing this week, so please continue to support me!

So for this week’s quiz, the correct answer is “massive bun“I was.

By the way, here is “Massiveon” in the game.

On a different note, we are currently still collecting illustrations. If you have a Pokemon that you would like to elaborate on, everyone, please feel free to submit a topic within common sense!

That’s it for this week’s silhouette contest!

Stay tuned next time!

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