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[بوكيمون إس في]Looking and Predicting the Evolution of Glenn Alma[البنفسجي القرمزي]|  AppMedia

[بوكيمون إس في]Looking and Predicting the Evolution of Glenn Alma[البنفسجي القرمزي]| AppMedia

The sight and evolution predictions for Glen Alma of Pokemon Scarlet Violet (Pokemon SV) have been published. We have also provided all known information about Glen Alma, so please refer to it.

Glenn Alma Overview

Pokemon SV_Glen Alma

classification Pokemon Hino Senshi
Writes fire asper
to rise 1.5 m
Weight 85.0 kg
appearance only scarlet

New Pokemon List

Glenn Alma properties

Feature name Effect
Request Fire type moves don’t cause any damage or effects, and fire type moves power increases by 1.5 times.

Glenn Alma type compatibility

Zoom Compatibility type
Batsogon (x4)
Batsogon (x 2) water, earth, rock, ghost, dark
Not good enough (x 0.5) Fire, Grass, Korei, Kakuto, Esper, Hagan, Ferry
Not good enough (x 0.25)
No way

Write the compatibility table

Thoughts on Glenn Alma

A special attacker learns the new “Armor Cannon” technology

Pokemon SV_Glenn Arma_Armor Canon

Glenn Alma learns a new “cannon cannon” technique.

Since Armor Cannon is a “fire-type special move” that lowers defense and special defense versus high power, it’s possible that the Glenn Arma Pokémon is active as a special attacker.

The possibility of Sawblaze in his life

Pokemon SV_Glenn Arma_Sawblaze

Legendary PokemonColedon“is the past and”MeradonIs the future, Glenn Arma is a Pokémon that only appears in crimson, so it’s possible that it’s a Pokémon with a theme of the past.

double pokemon”SawblazeIt is a Ghost-type Pokemon, so it appears that Glenn Arma is the previous appearance of Sawblaze.

Consider and predict the evolution of Sawblaze

Glenn Alma evolution prediction

It is not expected to evolve or will be a number after evolution

Pokemon SV_Glenn Arma_Evolution

As expected from the appearance, Glen Alma is currently comparable to the final evolution of another Pokémon, so it is very likely that it will not evolve.

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It may be possible that there are Pokémon like Bulky, which is the pre-evolution of Ebiwaller and Sawamura, and that the appearance of evolution varies by version.

I think it’s hard to imagine how a Pokémon that looks like this could be born from an egg.

The possibility of semi-transmission is also considered

Pokemon SV_Glenn Arma_Pose

Given the way the information is revealed, the probability is low, but it could be a semi-legendary Pokémon.

It seems that it can be obtained in an event during the story.

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