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[بوكيكا]How to buy from 7-Eleven? Explanation of stores and sales hours |  Snicker dunk

[بوكيكا]How to buy from 7-Eleven? Explanation of stores and sales hours | Snicker dunk

[بوكيكا]How do you buy from 7-Eleven? Explanation of how to deal with stores and sales hours

Some people may want to buy a “Pokeka” card game from 7-Eleven, but they’re not sure they can do so. So, this time I will explain how to buy Pokeka from 7-Eleven.

Can you buy Pokemon cards from 7-Eleven?

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You can also buy pukeka from 7-Eleven, but not all stores sell pukeka. Please note that some stores may not sell Bokeka.

How to find out which stores sell 7-Eleven Pokeka

At 7-Eleven, Pokeka availability varies depending on the store.

The official Pokeka website has a store search function. If you use the store search function, you can search for stores that sell Pokeka by region.

There are currently three types of stores available: Pokemon Centers, Pokemon Card Gyms, and Pokemon Card Stores.

Previously, in addition to these three types, there were also small shops. Currently, it is no longer possible to search for small shops, so it is no longer possible to find out which small shops sell Pokeka.

From here, we’ll explain how to find out which 7-Eleven stores you can buy Pukeka from.

Search using X (old: Twitter)

If you search on X (formerly Twitter), you may be able to get information that you were able to purchase a Pokeka from a convenience store in your area.

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Also, each store may have an official account, so you may be able to get information on how to deal with Bokeka from the official store.

Actually go to the store


If you go directly to the store, you can ask how to handle the pokeka, but depending on the store staff, they may not know how to handle it.

In this case, it would be a good idea to ask the store manager or owner how to handle Pokemon cards.

However, please refrain from contacting stores by phone, as this may interfere with business operations.

Pokeka is becoming increasingly popular, and more people are calling convenience stores to inquire. As a store employee, it must be difficult to receive inquiries again and again.

Instead of making inquiries over the phone, you should go to the store and find a time when the employee is not busy.

When will the new version of 7-Eleven be released?

via:Per day

At 7-Eleven, there were stores that started selling at midnight the moment the release date arrived, but due to a notice from a Pokeka official not to start sales late at night on the release date, some stores started selling after 7 AM. has increased.

It would be a good idea to ask the store about their sales hours, as they are not the same for all stores and the response varies from store to store.

7-Eleven Pokeka Sales Questions and Answers

Can I buy it to resell at 7-Eleven?

It can be purchased for resale at 7-Eleven. However, we don’t know when and what packages will be resold, so it’s a good idea to ask in store or go to the store and check.

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Can I buy a box from 7-Eleven?

You can also purchase a box from 7-Eleven. However, some stores have purchase restrictions, so you may not be able to purchase a box.

Can I order ahead at 7-Eleven?

Basically, it is not possible to pre-order. Currently, the three major supermarket companies, Lawson, Family Mart and 7-Eleven, are prohibiting reservations.

What types of Pokemon cards can be purchased at 7-Eleven?

  • Packs (Enhanced Expansion Packs, Expansion Packs, High Degree Packs)
  • deck set (starting set)
  • Convenience store private limited

At 7-Eleven, in addition to packages, you can also buy decks of playing cards and special sets that are limited to convenience stores.

Supplies such as sleeves and playmats, which are items associated with a Pokemon card, are not available.

Are there any limited benefits when purchasing from 7-Eleven?

Currently, there are no limited benefits when purchasing a Pokeka from 7-Eleven.

However, in the past there have been campaigns where if you buy 5 packs, you can get a small bag or promotional card.

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