September 28, 2022


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[اختراق]Can the iPhone XR photograph the Milky Way?  Paid app "Star Camera" VS Yakushima's starry sky |  Missile News 24

[اختراق]Can the iPhone XR photograph the Milky Way? Paid app “Star Camera” VS Yakushima’s starry sky | Missile News 24

I want to save from the heart. The starry sky in Yakushima. After all, I (Nakazawa) can see the Milky Way with my eyesight, which is only 0.7 even with glasses. Furthermore, the starlight is clear to the edge of the sky. If my visual acuity was 1.2, I’m sure I would have been confused by tears of emotion.In short, beautiful

But unfortunately, my camera can’t handle the starry sky, and my iPhone is the XR. If it was normal, it would be reckless to portray the starry sky with this.But I want to tell you a little! The Milky Way shines as depicted in this picture!!

・ Is there anything you can do with the XR?

The iPhone camera has had a night mode since 11. So, the XR camera is really weak in the dark. It’s dark, foggy, and unusable. Even with such an XR camera, I was able to capture starlight using the free app “Hoshidori Camera-kun”Previous articleas I told you. Honestly, I think it’s amazing just seeing the light.because it’s XR

Equipment capabilities up to MAX. However, it is also true that the starry sky I see is not. I’m so sorry. It’s very frustrating.

・ How far can you go with the paid version?

So I decided to try the paid version of Hoshidori Camera-kun, Hoshidori Camera-san. This application allows you to set not only the shutter speed but also the ISO sensitivity. The paid version of “Hoshidori Kamera-kun” may be free and very premium.

On the other hand, I feel like the Milky Way is hard to predict because it’s an iPhone XR after all. However, since it’s around 610 yen, it’s rather useless. Vertical confrontation unexpectedly erupted, “Yakushima’s Starry Sky VS Star Camera (iPhoneXR)”. Which one will win!?

The Milky Way has been seriously photographed.

“Mr. Star Cam” Sugeeeeeee

·important point

By the way, the setting valueISO sensitivity up to 2304 and shutter speed up to 120sec. Also, there are shooting modes “Starry Sky”, “Night Scenery”, “Milky Way”, “Comparison Brightness” and “Star Guru”. What I did feel was the ISO 2304 sensitivity setting and 30-second shutter speed in Milky setting way.

Especially when the shutter speed is 60 seconds or more, even if the iPhone is mounted on a tripod,The stars move because of the daily movement and fogSo be careful.

・ Real night sky

However, the Milky Way is taken with the iPhone XR. Completely off limits to performance. This “stellar camera” is amazing, but the Yakushima night sky where you can clearly see the Milky Way is also amazing.

In fact, Mr. M, who was sharing the same room in the dormitory, came to Yakushima to photograph such a starry sky.. I spent hours shooting with real equipment in the same places I shoot with my iPhone. “It’s rare to see the Milky Way so clearly to the edge,” he says.

Finally, I will post the Yakushima night sky captured by Mr. M. Of course, this is nicer, but I would appreciate it if you could point it out as a comparison target.

Reference link:camera star
writing:Seiji Nakazawa
Photo: Rocketnews24.

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