June 4, 2023


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[إشعار أولي]The work of a gas company is not all fun and good..!  “Gas shop!”  Episode 2[الإصدار المسبق]- Gigazen

[إشعار أولي]The work of a gas company is not all fun and good..! “Gas shop!” Episode 2[الإصدار المسبق]- Gigazen

Full color manga “Kase Kiyu” She joined the gas company “Hoshimi Life Equipment” as a fresh graduate and is a cheerful and straightforward first-year member of the society.At the gas station! !On May 24, 2023.Gigazine Secret Club (GSC)We’re running an initial release for members only, so please check it out as soon as possible. In addition, in GSC, you can access the bookshelf where you can see all the manga archives at any time, and you can only see the composition of the members. PleaseherePlease check

Read Episode 1, “I’m Kaiyu Qiu, Newcomer to the Gas Shop!”

Read the pre-release of Episode 2 “Efforts Up to 100%”!

Take a peek at the main story! Synopsis for Episode 2 “It’s a Gas Shop!!”
A newly graduated member of the society, Kyo Kayo stumbles upon Hoshimi Life Equipment, a small gas company, when hesitating about looking for work. I just started working for a gas company, and my employee ID card has it marked as an apprentice.

For the first project I did, I visited your home to replace gas equipment.

The contract itself is successfully completed thanks to the hard work of Kyu, who is inexperienced but does everything she can, her bright and straightforward personality, and the help of Iga-senpai. Amazingly, this was Kyu’s first contract.

With success, the next job that came to Qiu, who was in high spirits, was “attending work to replace the stove”, which was also his first job.

Although this is her first experience, Kyo, a hardworking person, applies what she has learned in detail.

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I got a phone call the next day about the work that should have been done without delay.

Kyo will face the great “wall” that she hits for the first time as a member of the community. Please watch till the end to see how Kyu spends her days at work, this can’t just be fun.

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“It’s a gas shop!” Episode 2 100% Effort

“Gas shop!!” is a series from the GIGAZINE Manga Award winning work. We are always looking for original scripts, graphics, and manga works of course, so if you are interested, please refer to the link below for details and submission. Thanks for your continued support.

Recruitment for the ‘GIGAZINE Manga Award’ started in May 2023 and the illustration of the top image shows that you can understand the idea of ​​a Manga illustration like this GIGAZINE

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